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Perkie's Observations: Spencer's Confession Gets Him a One Way Ticket Out of Wyndemere on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for October 4, 2021
Nicholas Chavez

Nicholas Chavez

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly tells Sonny that she knows Nina was in Nixon Falls with him. She believes Nina blames her and retaliated. Carly wonders why Sonny didn't tell her that Nina knew where he was. Sonny says he's been focused on getting his life back. Carly mentions her run in with Nina, which doesn't seem to sit well with Sonny. Sonny wants to forget the past and concentrate on each other. Carly agrees they've lost too much time. The two make out and head upstairs.

Ava walks in as Nikolas continues to berate Spencer and demands an explanation. Spencer confesses everything to Ava, including the car fire. He did it to kick her out of Nikolas' life. Ava accuses him of scaring Avery and making her fear for her child's safety. Spencer says he was hurt, angry, and alone. Ava wonders why he's confessing now since she was leaving town anyway. Nikolas puts blame on Esme since she told Sonny about Bora Bora, but Spencer defends his girlfriend again.

Ava feels Spencer's confessing because he got caught. He says he was angry with her for not testifying. Ava says he used Avery to get to her. Spencer says he did it for Nikolas and begs forgiveness, but Nikolas is not having it. Nikolas throws Spencer out.

Esme tries to get a drink at The Savoy, but Curtis sees right through the fake ID and tosses her out.

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In Monte Carlo, Dante and Sam continue to follow clues to Drew's whereabouts. The two create a scene to get the attention of the casino owner. Dallas invites Dante up to her room.

Nina's thrilled to see Curtis and tells him she messed up and doesn't know how to fix things. Nina tells him everything and Curtis knows she didn't do it to hurt anyone. Curtis promises she's not alone, which Nina is grateful for. Curtis tells Nina about Jordan's injury and says she's getting treatment. He's not sure where he stands with Portia either.

Josslyn runs into Michel and Willow, and tells them Nina's sins. Michael's angry, but Willow's a little more understanding. Esme shows up and happens to let them know she saw Nina at The Savoy, so the two head there to confront Nina. The two accuse Nina of keeping Sonny from his family. Curtis defends Nina and asks for a second chance for Wiley's sake.

Trina and Cam confront Esme and tell her that her plan didn't work. Esme accuses them of conspiring against her. Trina says Spencer told the truth, which upsets Esme. Spencer shows up and tells them that Nikolas tossed him out and wants nothing to do with him. Spencer storms out followed by Trina. She says she wishes she'd known the truth so she could have stopped him from hurting Ava, Nikolas, and himself. Esme promises Spencer she'll be there for him.

Nikolas tells Ava that Spencer is dead to him, but that angers Ava. Ava says she lost her child and is certain he'll forgive Spencer in time. Nikolas says they need to look forward now that there is no longer a threat. Nikolas tosses his divorce papers into the fire and the two share a Covid kiss.