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Days of Our Lives Recap: MarDevil Insists Doug Be Committed to Bayview

Days of Our Lives Recap for October 4th, 2021
Deidre Hall

Deidre Hall

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Abe in his “Kiss the Cook” apron whilst calling Lani. She’s out with Auntie P and about to head home, but Abe wants her to stall.

Over at Titan, Nicole is fretting about her impending date with EJ when she spots THAT DAMNED BEAR.

At the Salem PD, Rafe is working and staring at his Brady Pub coffee cup.

Cue the flashback of Rafe and Nicole talking outside of the Brady Pub.

In Marlena’s office, John is looking concerned.

Cue the flashback of him and Marlena discussing the recording she made of her session with Doug.

Over at University Hospital, MarDevil knocks Julie across the head. She wants an unconscious Julie to know that she needs to take care of that pesky Doug. Just then, Doug awakens.

Like sands through the hourglass . . .

Abe is apparently cooking something good as Chanel walks in and assesses the situation. Abe wants to talk to her because he’s going to propose to Paulina tonight. Chanel seems somewhat surprised. Abe wants to know what she thinks about him being her stepfather. Chanel is thrilled and Abe is thrilled. They are both adorable.

Abe tells Chanel that he called Olivia and got the recipes for all Paulina’s favorites. Chanel wonders why he made pecan pie since that is Big Mama’s favorite. Paulina hates pecan pie. That’s Tamara’s favorite!

Side Note: Does anyone else think Chanel’s daddy may show up at some point?

Side Note #2: I’m guessing Big Mama wasn’t confused at all.

Chanel tells Abe that she wants to hang around and be present for the proposal.

In Horton Square, Lani stalls by saying she can spend more time with Paulina because Eli is taking care of the kids. As grateful as Paulina is, she’s ready to ditch her heels and have some wine. Lani wants her to stay a little longer to talk and Paulina agrees. Lani lies like a rug saying that she wants to plan a trip with Eli. Paulina wants details and Lani starts to stammer. Where should she go? What should she do? Paulina suggests Paris, which brings up memories of their trip that never happened.

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Paulina hates that she brought up that horrible memory for Lani. She thinks it’s high time they talk about that missed trip. Paulina is so sorry for the pain she caused Lani. She wants to clear the air, but Abe’s text sends the signal that it’s time for Paulina to go home, but Paulina isn’t done.

Paulina explains how she knew Lani was longing to go to Paris. Lani remembers it fondly as well. She tells Lani that Tamara lied to her about why they didn’t go on the trip. She goes on to say that she kept the idea of the trip from Tamara and that’s why it got cancelled.

Flashback to Paulina telling Marlena that she is Lani’s mother.

Lani understands because Tamara always thought that Paulina was trying to spoil her. Paulina agrees with her choices since Lani turned out so well. They hug just as Lani’s cell phone goes off again. They head off to their respective homes.

At University Hospital, Kayla walks in to see John about to take off with Marlena’s recorder. Kayla reminds him the tape is confidential. John says that Doug was talking out of his head and said Marlena wanted to kill him.

John thinks Doug isn’t in his right mind and Kayla feels badly for his situation. For some reason, Kayla gets a phone call that the call button went off in Doug’s room.

Side Note: NOW Kayla is going to remember confidentiality?

Down the hall, Julie is still unconscious and Doug realizes that MarDevil is on the loose, so he hits the call button. MarDevil jumps into action and tells the “old man” to back down. Just then, someone enters.

John and Kayla come in and attend to Julie. Doug tries to tell them about MarDevil, who interrupts Doug and tells them it was Doug that cracked Julie’s jug.

MarDevil tells everyone that she saw Doug hit Julie. Doug says she is lying as Julie explains what happened. Doug interrupts and says Marlena hit Julie upside the head. John looks back as if he is thinking about the possibilities. MarDevil wants to sedate Doug and Kayla agrees. Doug cries and tells Julie he loves her right before he falls asleep.

Julie doesn’t think any of this makes any sense. Doug is too weak to have jumped up and smacked Julie. Kayla counters he grabbed the hell out of Tripp’s arm. Who else could have done it? Julie points out that Marlena was also in the room.

Out in the hallway, MarDevil says she feels so badly for sweet Doug. John thinks something is up and questions her about why she was in Doug’s room. MarDevil explains that Doug said he wanted to kill Julie.

Back at the Salem PD, Ava has come-a-callin' for Rafe. Ava wants to take him out on a date . . . mayhaps to the Brady Pub. Rafe says he’s eaten there twice, so they are headed to Julie’s Place instead.

Over at Titan, EJ walks in and Nicole puts down THAT DAMNED BEAR. They both think they look great! Just then, EJ spots THAT DAMNED BEAR (and seems just as annoyed by its presence as I am). He wonders if Nicole is still pining over Rafe.

EJ tells Nicole how when Samantha Gene “left” he removed every trace of her from his house. He thinks Nicole should do the same thing with THAT DAMNED BEAR and promptly throws it in the trash. Nicole dismisses it and says she’s starving. As they leave, Nicole says she is going to retrieve her phone, but we all know what she actually did.

EJ and Nicole go to Julie’s Place where he has found his favorite wine. He remembers that Nicole used to like the finer things in life. Thank goodness she isn’t still with Rafe. Nicole wants EJ to forget about Rafe, just as he and Ava arrive for dinner.

We begin the ending of our day in Salem with Rafe, Nicole, EJ, and Nicole awkwardly chatting. Ava and EJ get reacquainted, followed by EJ explaining how he and Nicole are out for pure pleasure.

Back with Abe and Chanel, Paulina arrives and wonders what the heck is going on. Abe explains by telling her about the menu of all her favorites. When he gets to the key lime pie, she wonders what is up because she hates key lime pie.

At the hospital, John can’t believe that Doug would kill Julie. MarDevil tries to convince him by saying that Doug has lost his mind. John replies with the information that Doug claims Marlena tried to kill him.

Julie and Kayla re-enter to say that Doug is sleeping and Julie is going for an x-ray. Julie once again says that Doug would never attack her.

Doug is still half awake and talking to the Lord above. He is begging for Julie to remain safe as he falls asleep.

Out in the waiting room, Julie is now downright arguing with Marlena because she just doesn’t understand how they could accuse Doug of such a thing. MarDevil tries to reason with Julie by saying that Doug is a danger to himself and needs to be committed to Bayview. 

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