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Perkie's Observations: Victor Uses Peter For His Dirty Work on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for October 5, 2021
Charles Shaughnessy

Charles Shaughnessy

On today's General Hospital recap: Portia shows up at The Savoy for a drink with Curtis. The two recap the Barstoy killing, and Naomi and Drew's connection. The two make small talk about Trina and Portia admits how quiet it is without her at home. She admits it's hard to let Trina go. Curtis asks her out on a date.

Dante questions Dallas, who's curious what he wants. Sam arrives asking for information, but Dallas isn't interested in talking. Dante pushes and asks if she's ever worked for Shiloh, which she has. She says Shiloh hired her to fake a plane crash. Dallas says she doesn't know where the real plane landed or who was on it.

After Dallas leaves, Sam and Dante discuss the case and he wonders what will happen if Drew comes home. Sam says she knew him as Jason and never really knew the real Drew. Dante says he understands, having been through something similar, and is grateful to her to help him find his way forward. Sam says Drew will need to find out who he is now.

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Victor wants Peter to get him access to Faison's files on Drew. Peter says it will take time to find the key that Victor wants. Peter says he wants Victor's help finding the baby in exchange for what Victor wants.

Robert joins Anna at the US Consulate to speak with Chloe. Robert's not happy to hear that Anna's working with Valentin, saying he can't be trusted. The two speak with Chloe, who tells them everything from Maxie to Peter to Drew. She explains how Drew helped her escape.

Valentin wakes up as Drew's cellmate. Drew tells him he's been captive for two years. He adds that Peter was part of the team keeping him, but the one in charge is Victor. Drew tells him that Liesl is here as well. Valentin says Victor has an agenda and both wonder what he wants Peter for. Drew tells him about Chloe and Valentin figures Anna will be looking for him soon. He worries that Peter and Victor will want to cut off loose ends, putting them in danger. Drew asks about Scout and Valentin says he's seen a lot of her around the mansion. Guards come to get Valentin and he tells Drew to kill Peter if he gets the chance.

The guards bring him to Victor. Valentin warns Victor that Peter is dangerous and will double cross him. Victor says they need to work together or Peter will kill them both.

Peter pays Drew a visit and is unhappy that Drew isn't more grateful to still be alive. Drew accuses Peter of using Jason the same way. Drew says he can't be forced to do anything, but Peter shows him a card with a tower. Peter says he's active and tells Drew that he has a new mission.

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