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Days of Our Lives Recap: Ava Leverages Jake’s Past to Help Philip Blackmail Gabi

Days of Our Lives Recap for October 6, 2021
Ava Vitali, Days of Or Lives

Tamara Braun

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Jake getting all frisky with Gabi as they awaken from their nightly slumber. Gabi wants to continue to sleep, but Jake wants to do anything but . . . suddenly, a knock on the door interrupts them. It’s Ava with fresh muffins!

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe is pouring coffee and Philip is checking in on her. They begin talking about flora and fauna, which leads to an embrace. Just then, Brady interrupts . . .  also with fresh muffins!

At the Salem PD, Justin walks in to see Xander still sitting at that same table. Xander wants to know if he’s thought any further about working together to take down the corrupt judge. Justin is having none of this stupid and illegal foolishness. Unfortunately, Gwen is already on her way to see the aforementioned judge.

Gwen arrives and finds the judge is not terribly interested in dealing with her. She doesn’t listen and explains she is there on a private matter.

Like sands through the hourglass . . .

Gwen explains to the corrupt judge that she has come-a-callin' about Xander. The judge is now less interested than he was before. The judge wants her to leave because Xander’s legal fate is none of her concern. The judge goes to call security and Gwen stops and touches him. Gwen wonders how a case that was previously dismissed has now been reinstated.

The judge tries to get a read on the situation and explains the court will appoint an attorney because EJ withdrew. He explains, as the presiding judge, there is nothing to be done. Gwen is getting pissed, but hides it with tears. She just doesn’t understand how a dismissed case is suddenly reinstated. She would do anything to help Xander and begins to unbutton her blouse.

The judge acknowledges Gwen’s beauty. She strokes her chest whilst explaining that she is very attracted to powerful men. The judge is very much noticing her assets and agrees that he would like to come and see her sometime. However, before he can enjoy her assets, the judge must agree to let Xander go. He agrees.

Brady is stuffing his face and clearly enjoying the interruption he caused. Brady explains he is there to see the most beautiful woman he knows. He tries to quote poetry, but his muffin-stuffed mouth is hindering him. Philip offers him coffee and Chloe chastises Brady, who is actually here to see MAGGIE!

Side Note: I’ve missed Aunt Maggie!

Maggie explains how she has missed everyone and wonders if Victor has been difficult. Maggie says she will try to put him back in his cage. Brady says Victor has missed him. Just then, Philip gets a text from Ava, lies to Chloe about its origins, and makes his exit. Maggie is somewhat stunned that Brady and Philip might be getting along, but she’s not buying it.

During her time away, Aunt Maggie explains that Summer (her retconned daughter) passed away - presumably from cirrhosis - and she scattered her ashes on the beach.

Side Note: Does anyone else remember it was Brady who rescued Summer from drowning in the aforementioned ocean?

Maggie goes on to say she understands there is good news to celebrate because Victor has told her that Chloe and Brady have reunited! Oh Victor.

At University Hospital, Kayla is explaining to Tripp that MarDevil had Doug committed. Kayla moves on quickly and wonders how Tripp is fairing taking up the new hospital initiative.

Enter Steven Earl . . . He gets all cheeky with Kayla and she cheeks right back. Steve stops kidding and says he wants to help because his wife is the Chief of Staff and his son is working towards becoming a doctor. Kayla wonders if Steve knows anything about what he signed up for. He does not. Tripp explains that they are trying to spread awareness about the flu vaccine. Steve is apparently anti-vax and says no thanks.

Kayla re-enters the room and is having none of Steve’s unvaccinated foolishness. He says he is healthy. She basically tells him he’s very cute, but will be getting the damned shot . . . ASAP. Steve is no match for Kayla’s insistence and caves.

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Side Note: A tiny nod to the current issues with vaccinations. Nicely played.

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Tripp is grateful that his now vaccinated pops came around because he is the perfect face for this campaign because the target is 65 and older. TeeHee.

At the Salem PD, Justin is going OFF about Gwen trying to trade a little tit for tat with the judge. Xander explains that Gwen isn’t actually going to sleep with him. She just wants to get him on tape accepting a sexual bribe.

Justin explains that even if the judge is corrupt this isn’t his first rodeo. He knows how to avoid exposure. Xander explains that once Gwen gets the evidence, he wants Justin to confront the judge. Justin refuses, but Xander explains he might not have a choice. Xander thinks the smell of corruption is already surrounding Justin since he was seen cavorting with Gwen and him just the day before.

Side Note: How freaking long are folks actually kept in a pseudo-conference room handcuffed to a chair?

Xander continues by reminding Justin of all the crimes Bonnie has committed, including what she did to Adrienne. He thinks they are in the same boat and Justin best help out. Xander then pulls the Kiriakis card. They are blood and from a take no foolishness family. He goes on to say that with Bonnie’s past and current crimes, she is headed for hard time. Justin is being swayed. Xander puts the cherry on the cake by saying the annoyance on Victor’s face when he hears that Bonnie is going free will truly be worth it all.

Across town at Chez Hernandez, Ava explains she didn’t want them to miss the warm muffins and tells Gabi how cute she looks with bed head. Gabi calls Ava a bitch while Ava whispers that Jake may not be enjoying fresh muffins for very long. Gabi thinks she has installed a nanny cam and possibly poisoned the muffins. Jake thinks they should move out, but Gabi thinks that would be letting Ava win.

Gabi and Jake hit the sheets again after Ava’s departure as they are all nekkid. Gabi is going on about the success of GabiChic as Jake snarfs down a muffin . . . he is not thrilled with his snarfing. Jake argues with Gabi saying that Ava wouldn’t possibly poison him. He then pretends to choke, which irks Gabi, but not too much as she throws the baked good, then throws down with Jake. Post throw down, Gabi gets a text from Philip requesting a meeting.

Side Note: There is a LOT of muffin talk, today.

In the park, Ava and Philip meet up, and she explains she has the goods on Jake, and promptly gives him a portfolio. Philip agrees this information is damning if it’s all true. Ava assures him it is and she has a witness. Philip thinks Gabi will know Ava was the informant. Ava assures him they can hide her tracks, but Gabi will always know, inside, that she ruined her life.

We begin the ending of our day in Salem with Justin casting out Xander’s evil plan. Further, he doesn’t really think Gwen can get the goods on the judge . . . enter Gwen with the goods. She shows them the recorder and Xander puts the ball back in Justin’s court.

Apparently Justin is all in because he is now in the judge’s office and says he is there to discuss Bonnie’s case. The judge tries to send him away, but Justin is having none of it. He wants Bonnie’s and Xander’s charges dismissed. If he doesn’t, Justin will play the recording of Gwen and the judge, trading a little tit for tat.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady tells Maggie that Victor jumped the gun. Maggie can’t understand why Victor would lie since he hates Chloe.

Side Note: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA . . . It’s funny cuz it’s true.

Chloe isn’t offended and explains that Victor is in favor of the pairing so she will get away from Philip. Maggie sips her tea and wonders how she could possibly miss Victor, but still thinks he is so very cute. She exits to visit the lion in his den. Brady wonders how she can put up with him. Chloe explains that it is true love. Victor thinks Maggie walks on water, but then Chloe returns to her senses and calls Victor a tenacious old coot.

In Horton Square, Ava runs into Jake who is eating yet another muffin. This one is from Sweet Bits. Jake didn’t eat Ava’s muffin (giggle) because Gabi doesn’t trust her. Ava scoffs at Gabi’s mistrust. She really does have a suspicious mind. What could Ava possibly do to hurt Gabi?

In the park (the park is very busy today), Philip informs Gabi he is firing her. Gabi is very confused, but says she is taking GabiChic with her. Philip explains if she doesn’t sign her company over to him, Jake is going away for murder. 

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