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Perkie's Observations: Valentin Is Skeptical When Victor Reveals He's His Father on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for October 7, 2021
James Patrick Stuart

James Patrick Stuart

On today's General Hospital recap: Sam tells Dante that Anna left her a message about Chloe and Drew. The two decide to head to Crete. Dante asks about her thoughts on Drew, but Sam says she's trying to find him for Scout, not for her. Dante admits he likes her and wants to see where it will go between them. Dante asks her on a real date and Sam agrees. Dante says he wants to take things slowly and promises that things are over with Lulu. The two share a kiss.

Austin runs into Maxie at the hospital, and she tells him about her heart transplant and how it's BJ's birthday. The two discuss his case against the Quartermaines and he says it's about finding justice for his father. Austin makes a comment about Brook Lynn being Maxie's friend and she loses it on him. 

Maxie explains the history between her, Brook Lynn, Lulu, and Dante. Austin says it was a long time ago and Brook Lynn has been nice to her now and Maxie needs to reassess. Austin says he's heard Brook Lynn say that Maxie is the bravest person she knows. Maxie remembers Brook Lynn saying that in the woods when she took Louise away, which worries her.

Brook Lynn complains to Chase about Austin and how he's trying to distract Ned by claiming Leo is on the spectrum. Brook Lynn believes Austin is taking advantage of the situation and causing fights between Ned and Olivia. Chase tries to convince her that Austin is just looking out for Leo.

Brook Lynn heads to the hospital to talk to Austin. She apologizes for yelling at him about weaseling into the family. Brook Lynn asks what's going on with Leo so she can get Olivia on the same page. Austin admits that he believes Leo is on the spectrum.

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Valentin believes Victor is trying to manipulate him against Peter. Victor claims he's keeping Valentin locked up for his own safety. Valentin asks what Victor is doing to protect Anna. Victor mentions that Robert is working with Anna now, but Valentin's worried that Peter is after both of them.

Victor says he's pretending to help Peter in order to protect everyone. He begs Valentin for his help and his trust. Valentin says there is no connection between them since he's not Mikkos' son. Victor says he's the one who had the affair with Helena and Valentin is his son. Valentin doesn't believe him, but Victor says he's helped him over the years, including helping him get into the WSB. Victor is desperate for them to work together against Peter.

With Chloe's account, Anna has WSB agents searching the area where Drew is being held. Anna checks on Valentin and finds him missing. Robert's not concerned, figuring Valentin bailed, even though Anna says he would have left her a message.

Robert says he doesn't trust Valentin anymore than he does Peter, but she tells him to focus on their job, which is to find Peter. Anna asks the waiter from the night before about Valentin and he lies and say Valentin left on his own with someone else.

Anna grabs the guy claiming that he's lying and sees the Cassadine tattoo on his arm. She and Robert insists on answers until a masked gunman starts firing on them. The gunman runs away and removes his mask to reveal . . . Drew.

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