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Days of Our Lives Recap: Gabi Smells Ava’s STANK All Over Philip’s Blackmail

Days of Our Lives Recap for October 7, 2021
Camila Banus

Camila Banus

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Xander being proud of Gwen for her blackmail of the judge. He wonders if Justin will actually go through with the plan since his moral compass his stronger than that of the others in the Kiriakis clan.

In the judge’s office, Justin is playing the recording of Gwen exchanging tit for tat. The judge seems aghast that he is colluding with Gwen. Justin informs him that he will be dropping not only Xander’s charges, but also those against Bonnie. If he refuses, Jack will out him on the pages of the Spectator.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady and Chloe are talking about Victor when the phone rings. It’s John checking in with him about Marlena.

In Horton Square, Jake is talking to Ava about her freshly baked muffins.

Across the way, Gabi is trying to understand why Philip is trying to steal her company. She thinks all the evidence he has is made up. Jake couldn’t possibly have tried to kill anyone.

Like sands through the hourglass…

Back at the Salem PD, Xander is dreaming about how amazing it would be to watch Justin extort the judge. Gwen reminds him about that pesky money he should return to EJ. Maybe he can reward Justin with some of that cash… although Justin is already loaded and probably wouldn’t take it anyway.

Xander says they are, in fact, going to keep some of EJ’s money so they can go on vacay… somewhere warm. They both really think they need to get away and focus on their new relationship.

Side Note: Isn’t Sarah being held on an island…

In the judge’s office, Justin tries to seal the deal. The judge starts doing some fast talking. How could someone as morally sound as Justin actually blackmail him. Justin is losing patience and wants to know if they have a deal. The judge pushes back, but Justin again threatens to use the recording to have him removed from the bench.

Across town, Brady reports to Chloe that Marlena isn’t feeling well and John thinks she is overworked. They were supposed to take Rachel to the pumpkin patch today but that’s not happening. Brady asks Chloe if they can maybe take her together. Chloe isn’t sure she should take a day off work, but Brady thinks her reluctance is more about Philip.

Chloe explains that Philip is FINE with her and Brady being friends. She thinks that Brady is purposely trying to provoke her. Brady says he just wants to spend the day with her and Rachel. Brady continues to play the Rachel card and Chloe bends.

Back in Horton Square, Jake is less than convinced that Ava wants to make peace with Gabi. She says the muffins were a peace offering and he should back off. She goes on to say that Gabi has always been nasty to her, and Ava has done nothing to deserve it. Jake kind of agrees because they all sort of just want peace. Jake wants to trust Ava, but thinks he would be a fool to do so.

Ava just doesn’t know what to do to convince Gabi she’s not the enemy - Jake agrees. They then recount a time where Jake and Ava helped settle a dispute between the Vitali family and a rival group.

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Ava and Jake are in agreement that Gabi’s vendetta is silly… which leads them back to talking mobster business. They are talking about some mob family squabbles and laughing as Jake recounts his adventures with cousin Angelo. He was always trying to make the peace… and Ava thinks that is a fabulous idea.

Jake suggests they get Rafe and Gabi together for a sit down. Ava thinks they should avoid that particular word, but agrees with his plan. Ava still doesn’t understand why Gabi is threatened by her.

Side Note: Ava is having fun playing this game. 

Ava wonders how Jake plans to get Gabi to the table. They agree that he will talk to her and then Ava will talk to Rafe. She wonders where Gabi is and Jake explains she had an unexpected meeting… which Ava knows all about.

Ava is very surprised that Angelo let someone as valuable as Jake go. He clearly has a bit of a secret because he avoids telling Ava how and why he left.

In the park, Philip wonders just how well Gabi knows Jake. She defends him, but he keeps pushing the issue by assuming that it was Jake who put her up to installing the spyware on his computer. She scoffs, but Philip is relentless.

Philip offers up the portfolio to convince Gabi that Jake was a hit man. He explains that Jake beat a man to death who owed the Vitali family money. He goes further to say that there was an eye witness. Gabi grabs the portfolio and begins to read.

Gabi thinks the witness is lying, but Philip points out just how specific his account was. Gabi is having none of Philip’s foolishness and thinks this is all Ava’s fault.

Side Note: Gabi is like a dog with a bone with Ava. She’s just might regret hanging on to that mobster bone.

Philip explains that he and his people have investigated all of Gabi and Jake’s duplicitousness. She thinks that being fired means she can take her company and go on her merry way. Philip reminds her that Jake will go to prison if she tries to take her company.

Gabi thinks Philip had no company nor power before she brought Gabi Chic on board with Titan. Philip is less than convinced. Suddenly, Gabi smells something familiar. It’s the scent of Ava. Now she thinks that Ava is helping Philip take Gabi down.

Philip tries to convince Gabi that she is ridiculous and that Jake is actually guilty of these crimes. Gabi says she can smell Ava’s STANK all over this mess. Ava hates her and wants to ruin her life. How can he ask her to give up her daughter’s legacy. Philip implores her to show the evidence to Jake before she makes a decision.

Back at the Salem PD, Justin returns to say he has played the tape for the judge. Justin says it’s not quite so easy… DA Trask enters and says Justin was busted for blackmail. The judge apparently recorded Justin’s efforts and quickly called the D.A. Melinda is none too happy with this naughty trio. They will all be charged accordingly. Xander thinks it’s all crap, but Melinda says it’s the law.

Justin immediately tries to do a little fast talking. Melinda is disappointed in Justin. She thought he was a good guy. Justin explains that the judge is in EJ’s pocket. Melinda scoffs because her office could have investigated these issues. She then excuses herself to make sure everyone is charged and booked.

Xander is so very sorry because he feels like he convinced Justin to engage in illegal deeds. Justin says it was his fault because he was afraid he couldn’t keep Bonnie out of prison. Gwen actually looks touched by his efforts. They all agree that they will find their way out of this. Just then, Melinda fetches Justin.

In the park, Brady and Chloe are enjoying some time frolicking with Rachel… who wants Chloe to help her carver her pumpkin. Of course she will, but first she must water her and Philip’s tree. Brady is less than enthused… Brady apologizes for being a douche. Rachel wonders why the tree is special, and Chloe explains a little about her history with her Great Uncle Philip.

Chloe thanks Rachel for her help, while she runs along to water more trees. As soon as she leaves, Chloe goes IN on Brady for continuing his aforementioned douchey attitude. Brady apologizes and Chloe implores him to do better.

We begin the ending of our day in Salem with Gwen and Xander talking about their tricky situation. Gwen thinks everything is out of control. She has to find a way to explain everything to Jack so he doesn’t hate both of them. Gwen was on the verge of feeling positive about her future and now everything has hit the skids. Just then, Melinda returns to grab Gwen.

In the park, Chloe is stunned that Brady is saying sort of nice things about Philip. He goes on to explain that he will do anything to maintain their friendship. He just wants Chloe to be happy. She thanks him and they embrace… just as Philip arrives.

In Horton Square, Gabi has the portfolio and wants to know if Jake is a murderer.

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