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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas and Ava Reunite While Spencer Is Frozen Out on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for October 8, 2021
Marcus Coloma, Maura West

Marcus Coloma, Maura West

On today's General Hospital recap: Sonny's thrilled when Phyllis stops by with some of his things. Carly thanks her for taking care of Sonny when he was injured. Carly goes through the box, laughing at the flannel shirts and cowboy hat.

After Carly leaves, Phyllis says she wanted to meet Sonny properly. Sonny asks about her life in Nixon Falls. Phyllis says she's not sure if she wants to rebuild The Tan-O. Sonny offers to pay for anything she wants to do. Phyllis asks about Nina, but Sonny says he can't forgive her and blames her for the fire at the bar. Phyllis says she can't write Nina off yet.

Nina checks in with Britt, who's still worried about Liesl's disappearance. Britt blames Nina for involving Liesl, which Nina apologizes for. Nina asks about Jason, but Britt says they've moved on. Nina blames herself for that too, but Britt says Carly will always come first to Jason.

Trina tells Portia that Ava isn't leaving and the stalker has been unmasked. Portia is not happy to hear that Spencer was the guilty party. Trina feels guilty about setting up Spencer, but Portia feels the Cassadine men can't be trusted. Trina says Spencer is lost. Portia reminds her about Ava's car fire, but Trina doesn't think that was Spencer's idea.

Ava and Nikolas bask in the afterglow of a night together. He promises never to let her go again. Nikolas gets an alert that Spencer spent the night at the Metro Court and tells Ava he's cutting Spencer off. Ava says Spencer will see this as punishment and get angrier.

Josslyn tells Cameron that Trina feels guilty for setting the trap and outing Spencer. Cameron wonders if they helped or hurt the Cassadine family. Josslyn thinks Esme is the one calling the shots and thinks she brings out the worst in Spencer.

Nina runs into them and Josslyn tears a strip off of her. Josslyn accuses Nina of deceiving everyone, including Jax. She pulls out the diary that Nina gave her and says she never wants to see it or Nina again.

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Esme and Spencer spend the night at the Metro Court. Esme doesn't understand why Spencer confessed to their crimes. He, in turn, demands to know why she spoke to Sonny and set him after Nikolas. Esme says Spencer wanted back into Nikolas' life and she did what she did for him. Spencer wants them to cut out the scheming. Esme complains about Josslyn, but Spencer says she and Cameron are his true friends. A hotel employee shows up to let Spencer know his credit card has been cancelled and they'll need to leave.

Spencer runs into Britt and asks to move in with her, but she reminds him that she stays at the hotel. He tells her he's had a falling out with Nikolas and explains what he's done, which does not sit well with Britt. She reminds him that Nikolas accused her of being the stalker, so Spencer apologizes. Britt says he needs to make amends with Nikolas.

Spencer begs for Britt to let him stay with her just one night, which Carly overhears and tells him no. Carly says Spencer terrorized Ava by scaring Avery, and lied to Sonny, which is not acceptable. Carly tells him to stand on his own two feet since he's been enabled his whole life.

Trina stops by to see Ava, who's grateful to her for uncovering the truth about Spencer. Trina complains about keeping Spencer's lies a secret and asks for Ava's forgiveness. Ava says Trina was hurt by Spencer as well.

Esme seeks out Cameron for his help and tells him what's happened. Cameron says they got what they deserve since what they did was terrible. He says Spencer will bounce back, but Esme doesn't think so. Esme says she doesn't want to come between the two of them. Cameron says he and Josslyn will eventually look past it.

Portia runs into Nikolas and tears a strip off of him. Nikolas says he had no idea the lengths Spencer went to and apologizes. Portia warns him that Spencer needs to stay away from Trina.

Carly wants to clear the air with Britt.

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