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DAYS' Deidre Hall on Marlena's Possession: "That Will Clearly Be on My Headstone"

Deidre Hall

Days of Our Lives' Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) is currently dealing with an old enemy: the Devil! Hall spoke to the Toronto Star about the possession storyline. 

"MarDevil" is a part of the character's venerable legacy. Hall laughed:

That will clearly be on my headstone: ‘Deidre Hall, Marlena, possession.'

What were her initial thoughts on the storyline? Columnist Shinan Govani explained:

Did she ever have reservations about doing it? The first time, yes, she admitted, particularly as a person of faith, but she felt she was in good hands because then head writer James E. Reilly was a devout Catholic. Ultimately, she saw it as a story about salvation. This second time ’round, she shared, show proprietor Ken Corday — whose parents, Ted and Betty, together created 'Days' — sent holy water to the set.

And Hall stated she has no plans to retire. In fact, the star appreciates the continuity in her life. She noted:

My phone number hasn’t changed. My dressing room hasn’t changed. My parking lot is the same. Thank God for the fans.