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Perkie's Observations: Spencer's Troubles Deepen When Ava Has Him Arrested on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for October 11, 2021
Nicholas Chavez

Nicholas Chavez

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly wants to be honest with Britt about Jason and admits she lied so Britt would let Jason go. Carly says the wedding was real and they were happy, but she wants things to go back to the way they were. Britt says she and Jason are done. Britt says losing Jason was a blessing because she knows Carly will always come first. Carly pushes back, but Britt says coming in second doesn't work for her.

Esme explains that Spencer got the boot and now they're homeless. Esme wonders if Josslyn can forgive her. Josslyn says if Spencer is truly sorry, she'll forgive him. After Esme leaves, Josslyn tells Cameron that she doesn't buy Esme's contrite act. Cameron defends Esme, but Josslyn says they don't know anything about her. Esme tries to reach Josslyn again and warns her that it would be wise for her to accept her and Spencer as a couple.

Spencer gets snippy with Ava, which angers Trina. Spencer thought she would have accepted his apology, but Trina's not having it. Trina tears a strip off of Spencer, who then tries to sweet talk her. Spencer says he cares about her and believes her to be his friend. Trina says she can't believe anything he says.

Nikolas visits Alexis and updates her on what's happened with Spencer. Alexis is shocked to hear he was the stalker. Alexis says Nikolas hurt Spencer and he's acting just like Nikolas. She says he shouldn't be turning his back on Spencer. Alexis advises him to fight for Spencer and not let him down.

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Brando's happy to see Sonny. Sonny's thankful that Brando was around to help the family when he couldn't. Brando tells him about his impending fatherhood. Sonny offers him a job at the warehouse, but Brando says he's out of the business. Sonny agrees that the most important thing is family.

Sasha talks to Nina about keeping Sonny away. Sasha understands that Nina was in pain and knows what it's like. Sasha apologizes for lying to Nina and thanks her for being supportive. Nina talks about her time with Sonny and how he was much lighter in Nixon Falls.

Shawn talks to Jax about Hayden's case and Naomi's death. Shawn asks about Nikolas' relationship with Hayden. Jax tells him it 's Nikolas' fault that Hayden left town. Shawn worries that Alexis will be upset if he investigates Nikolas.

Sonny runs into Jax and says they have a lot to discuss.

Ava tells Spencer he didn't win and will no longer terrorize her. Spencer says she's bad for Nikolas. Ava says she's Nikolas' wife and warns Spencer there will be hell to pay if he comes after her again.

Two police officers arrive and arrest Spencer at Ava's behest. 

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