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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas Finds Out About Spencer While Alexis Learns More About Hayden on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for October 12, 2021
Marcus Coloma

Marcus Coloma

On today's General Hospital recap: Shawn finds Alexis distracted and she explains what happened between Spencer and Nikolas. The two discuss Hayden's case and believe a Cassadine was involved. Both think Victor couldn't have been involved since he died at Creighton-Clark. Shawn wonders if the Cassadine in question was Nikolas.

Shawn explains his talk with Jax and Nikolas working with Hayden before she disappeared. He believes Nikolas may have been Hayden's shooter. Alexis asks who else he'll tell his suspicions to. Shawn says he respects her and if she asks, he'll drop it. Alexis says he deserves justice and should get it no matter, even if it leads to Nikolas.

Ava tells Nikolas about Spencer's visit and how he wasn't remorseful. She says Spencer is under Esme's spell. Nikolas thinks he can meet Spencer halfway. Ava tells him she had Spencer arrested. Ava says she needs Spencer to learn not to mess with her, which Nikolas understands. Ava also tells Nikolas not to bail him out because Spencer needs to understand the consequences of his actions.

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Jax tells Sonny he wants Nina to be happy, but Sonny's a problem. Jax wonders why Sonny hasn't been changed by living Mike's life for almost a year. He thinks Sonny should give Nina a chance, but Sonny says she took his family from him. Jax says Nina gave him her heart.

Sonny says he can't help Nina since he has to focus on his family. Jax explains how he found Sonny through Josslyn and his pasta sauce. Sonny is thankful. Jax tells Sonny to recognize the good in Nina if he ever had feelings for her.

Carly tells Jason that Nina is going to pay, while Jason tries to talk her down. Carly is determined that Nina won't get away with keeping Sonny. Jason says they need to move forward and Carly agrees they need to tell Sonny the truth about their feelings.

Carly wonders if Sonny being a different person for nine months means that he's changed. Jason says she has to deal with it because what happened in Nixon Falls doesn't matter. Carly accepts that Nina is off limits for now, but only if Nina keeps her distance.

Brando and Sasha head to the hospital for a tour of the maternity ward and are surprised by Gladys. Brando confirms to Gladys that Sonny is alive. Gladys is thrilled since this means Brando can get back in with Sonny, which angers Brando. Brando doesn't understand why Gladys wants him living that kind of life. Gladys says Sonny also has legitimate businesses and he could do better than the garage. Brando says he wants to do this on his own.

Phyllis stops by to see Nina to discuss what happened in Nixon Falls. She has photos of Nina and Mike, but Nina doesn't want them. She says she needs to forget Mike, but Phyllis says he existed no matter what Sonny says.

Nina complains that Sonny is back with Carly and she ends up with nothing, which she believes is her penance. Phyllis gives Nina Sonny's watch and convinces her he wanted a future with Nina.

Sonny stops by to see Nina. Phyllis tells him to remember the Mike in him and to be kind. 

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