WATCH: Genoa City's Leading Ladies Look Back at Their Young and Restless Weddings (VIDEO)

Melody Thomas Scott

Here come the brides! To celebrate the upcoming nuptials of Ashland (Richard Burgi) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle), The Young and the Restless stars are looking back at their on-screen wedding highlights.

Which wedding was Melissa Ordway's (Abby) favorite? She shared:

The most epic wedding was Victor [Eric Braeden] and Nikki’s [Melody Thomas Scott] wedding, the very first one. The dress, just the whole thing. And I remember my Barbies were playing Victor and Nikki, and I would sit there; my mom would watch and my Barbies would have these beautiful weddings with all of the Barbie dresses. And I just remember being so amazed by just how beautiful Mel, or Nikki, was and just—I don’t know, it just looked so perfect. I wanted my real-life wedding to be like that some day.

Mishael Morgan (Amanda) added:

You’re watching these characters in your living room every single day. You watch them meet, you watch them fall in love, you watch them fight, you watch them break up, you watch them make up, and then it’s like the ultimate payoff when you finally get to see them profess their love to each other.

Watch the actors share more Y&R wedding memories below.