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WATCH: Deidre Hall and Robert Scott Wilson Plug Days of Our Lives' Possession Arc on Kelly Clarkson (VIDEO)

Robert Scott Wilson and Deidre Hall

Robert Scott Wilson and Deidre Hall

The devil is paying a return visit to Salem and Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) has made some people behind the scenes over at Days of Our Lives walk a little closer with Jesus. Hall and Robert Scott Wilson (Ben Weston) stopped by The Kelly Clarkson Show, where they discussed the devil's return and Marlena's possession in the past, and what Lucifer wants 25 years later. Wilson dished how the devil wants his baby and Hall revealed once they started the current storyline, she got a nice bottle of holy water and a crucifix from Executive Producer Ken Corday!

Yes, you read that right. Hall said once the possession storyline began she broke out

Everytime we do a scene, I've taken it on stage and offered anybody who'd like to have some holy water.... Everybody says yes.

I know that's right. Get behind me, Satan! See what both Hall and Wilson have to say about what's to come below!