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Days of Our Lives Recap: MarDevil Has Risen

Days of Our Lives Recap for October 12, 2021
Deidre Hall

Deidre Hall

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Johnny and Chanel getting hot and heavy in Horton Square. Chanel is impressed and Johnny says it was his way of saying thank you to her for convincing Allie to play a part in his devilish film. He wants one more favor. He has more parts to cast and wonders if she is interested. 

At the Brady Pub, Roman and John are aghast when Allie shows them the script for Johnny’s movie: “Possessed: The Marlena Evans Story.” Roman is pissed because he funded it because he thought it was going to be about Samantha Gene. 

In Marlena’s office, the devil is speaking through her recorder explaining why he has chosen Ben Weston to help carry out his plans. 

Across town, Ciara wonders how Ben’s session went with Marlena. He says he feels better and is now ready to hit the sheets and make a baby. 

Like sands through the hourglass . . .

Chanel is aglow that Johnny wants her for his movie. She used to pretend to be one of the twins from Sister Sister and made Paulina play the mom. 

Side Note: Well played, writers. Well played.

OMG, Johnny wants Chanel to play Celeste! DANGER, DAHLING! Chanel wonders if Celeste is black, which makes Johnny stammer. He tries to recover by saying she is wise, beautiful, and they have a connection - she is Theo’s grandmother. Chanel is not feeling playing her ex-boyfriend’s Big Mama!

Chanel is pissed. Johnny says she could play Lexi if she’s too put off playing Celeste. Johnny really wants Chanel to be a part of his pet project, while Chanel would like him to engage in a bit more wooing. They decide to head to the Brady Pub to get some grub. 

John is beyond pissed at The Brady Pub that Johnny is making this movie. Allie doesn’t think anyone is going to stop him. Allie says that Marlena even approved it, but John is convinced she did so without knowing the actual topic of the film. 

Meanwhile, Marlena is wondering why the devil is so focused on Ben. The devil explains that Ben was a serial killer and such genes when nurtured can result in more evil. The capacity for evil resides in Ben as it could in his child. 

Marlena continues to argue with the devil by saying that Ben and Ciara’s child wouldn’t necessarily have the genetic tendency towards violence. The devil thinks Marlena is a spoiled sport and explains that Clyde is the reason Ben’s evil and the product of generations of evil-doing. The devil CHOSE Ben very carefully. 

Marlena counters by saying that Ciara is a product of the Hortons and Bradys. The devil doesn’t seem to care as he enjoys a challenge. The devil says biology is sometimes destiny. 

Side Note: I’m not sure that being a Brady/Horton combo platter ensures goodness. It might not ensure evil, but it certainly lays the groundwork for privilege and self-righteousness, but I digress. 

The devil goes on to explain the progeny of Ben and Ciara is perfect to complete his plan. Marlena wants to know his plan, but he puts her off and explains that Marlena getting Ben released from Bayview years ago started everything. She goes to call Ben to warn him just when John enters her office. He could have sworn he heard someone else in the room with her.

Across town, Ciara is thrilled that Ben is all “hot and now” like a Krispy Kreme donut. He explains that Marlena convinced him all his trivial worries of serial killing and evil-doing should not derail their hormonal desires to procreate. 

Ben tells Ciara a bit about his session with Marlena. He explains the dream he had involving their serial killing child. He says Marlena helped him accept how to live with his fears. Ben goes on to say that Marlena was a bit odd because she doesn’t usually tell him what to do. This time she told him to get on home and get to baby makin'. Almost like she had a personal stake in their baby makin'!

Side Note: This dialogue is really good. Ben is pointing out that Marlena was different, but the writers are also acknowledging that a good therapist doesn’t tell their patients what to do. Once again, well played.

Ciara wants to make sure that baby makin' is what Ben really wants. Ben explains that he loves her. Marlena helped him feel better about the whole situation and now he’s ready to make a baby. Ciara pulls out her birth control pills and says she won’t be needing them anymore. He swigs his beer while she throws them away.  

Ben wonders how quickly his swimmers can take effect after she stops using birth control. She can get pregnant right away, it’s rare, but it can happen. And so it begins.

Ben and Ciara disrobe. He light some candles and they prepare to get to baby makin'. Their lovemaking scene begins with what seems like someone or something watching through the curtains. 

Over at the DiMera mansion, Chad and Abigail are discussing the pros and cons of playing John and Marlena in Johnny’s movie. Abigail thinks playing these roles might derail their reconciliation as it would cause them to be too intimate too soon. Chad begins to channel John Black when EJ enters the room. 

Side Note: Billy Flynn’s “Chad” doing an impression of Drake Hogestyn’s “John” was pretty much spot on. Well played, sir. 

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EJ just came down for a nightcap, and wants Abigail and Chad to continue their reconciliation. Abigail explains they were actually going over her lines in Johnny’s movie. 

EJ wonders why Chad is engaging in such foolishness when he is supposed to be helping him run an international conglomerate. Chad believes that EJ is paying him back for helping out Johnny. Abigail immediately jumps up to defend Chad and calls EJ on his BS. EJ says Chad should never have undermined him with his son. 

EJ leaves the room and Chad wants to get back to rehearsing their scene. Abigail is tired and wants to put the kids to bed and take a loooooong, hot, bath. Chad wants to escort her upstairs and she agrees.  

At Marlena’s office, she explains to John there was no one else in her office. She was listening to her session with Ben and thinks she led him down the wrong path. She needs to go to him. John thinks she looks pale and needs to go home with him right now. She locks the recorder in her desk and they leave. 

At the Brady Pub, Chanel and Johnny sit down with Allie, who explains that John is PISSED at him. Just then, Roman walks up and says that he can no longer invest in his movie. 

Johnny is all, “C’mon grandpa!” Roman says Johnny pulled a bait and switch with the subject of the movie as it could really mess people’s lives up. Roman hits the road and asks Johnny to keep an eye on the place. Johnny is unwell and is also now unhungry. He wants a rain check on their dinner so he can go sulk and possibly plot. 

Chanel feels badly for Johnny, and Allie says his current mood reminds her of when they were little kids. 

At the penthouse, John puts Marlena to bed because he wants her to get some rest. Marlena is still worried about Ben, but can’t really explain why. John thinks she is obsessed with Ben because she has tried so hard to help Doug, but couldn’t. John says she didn’t have a choice but to have Doug committed. She can still help Ben, but needs to get some rest. 

John offers to turn on white noise that Abe recommended. He’s going to make her some chamomile tea. He turns on the white noise machine, turns out the lights, and leaves Marlena to rest. Suddenly, the white noise machine lights up and the devil begins to speak. He wants her to forget about Ben Weston. 

Meanwhile, Ben and Ciara are commencing with the passionate process of baby makin'. 

We begin the ending of our day in Salem with Johnny returning to the DiMera mansion and spying his script on the couch. He throws it to the ground as EJ enters. He tells his dad about Roman pulling his money. EJ offers to cover Roman’s investment, but there’s a catch . . . he wants to play John Black in the film. 

Upstairs, Abigail is asking Chad about whether or not he is serious about playing John in the movie. 

At the penthouse, John is about to deliver tea to Marlena when Roman knocks on the door. He tells John that he pulled his funding from Johnny’s film. 

In the bedroom, Marlena looks a little more pale and is whispering in her sleep that she must warn Ben. The devil tells her to forget Ben and give in to him. 

At baby makin' central, Ciara thinks their sexy time felt extra special and Ben agrees. She wonders if they just made a baby. Suddenly, the French doors fly open and the wind blows all kinds of things around. 

In Marlena’s bedroom, the devil continues to tell her to give in to him. Suddenly, the room glows red, the drapes begin to blow, and MARLENA LEVITATES! 

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