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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Lays Down Some Ground Rules With Nina on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for October 13, 2021
Maurice Benard

Maurice Benard

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly tells Olivia that Crimson's lease renewal is up and Olivia gets blood thirsty against Nina. She feels Carly should do something, but Carly says she was told to lay off Nina. Carly promises she will be keeping a close eye on Nina.

Sonny tells Nina they have things to discuss. He complains that she went to see Wiley, which upset Carly. He suggests she may want to consider leaving Port Charles. Nina says she's not interested in starting over and plans on staying. Sonny says there are ground rules, which include staying away from Carly and the rest of the family.

Sonny continues and says they shouldn't cross paths and he has the right to change the rules as he sees fit. He says he's just looking for peace. Nina gives him back the watch. Sonny says he came to forgive and while he hasn't, he might some day.

Scotty tells Ava he stopped the divorce papers before they were filed. Ava's surprised to hear that Nina is using Scotty's legal services. Scotty tells her that Nina knew about Sonny, but as Mike. Ava remembers her talk with Nina about Mike.

Austin runs into Jason at the gym and runs his mouth with small talk, which annoys Jason. Austin says they don't have to be adversaries, but Jason tells him to drop the lawsuit. Austin says he just wants his father to be recognized.

Brook Lynn talks to Britt about Leo and how Austin told her he could possibly be on the spectrum. Britt sees through her ruse, but admits Austin shouldn't have discussed Leo's diagnosis with Brook Lynn.

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Olivia overhears and demands answers from Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn admits that Austin thinks Leo is autistic and she tricked him into telling her. She says she involved Britt. Olivia wonders if Leo is just a bargaining chip for Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn swears she cares about Leo and suggests Olivia have him see a specialist. Olivia is angry with Brook Lynn for putting ELQ ahead of family.

Ava talks to Carly, who agrees that Spencer should not have targeted Avery. Ava wants to discuss the custody agreement, but Carly says she has to speak with Sonny. Ava commiserates with Carly about what Nina did and Carly asks if Ava knew the truth. Ava denies knowing anything. Ava brings up Mike and points out that Sonny hasn't forgotten his time in Nixon Falls, just like Carly hasn't forgotten her time away from him.

Scotty talks to Britt about finding Liesl and she mentions hiring a mercenary to find her. Scotty thinks they should hire Jason, but Britt disagrees. Scotty says Jason owes Britt, but she doesn't want to involve Jason. Scotty pushes, so Britt agrees to think about it.

Britt summons Austin to talk about possible HIPAA violations.

Ava stops over to talk with Nina about her double life.

Sonny wants to talk to Jason about Carly.

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