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Scott Foley Wants a Felicity Reboot


Scott Foley appeared on The Talk Oct. 11 to discuss his new Fox drama The Big Leap. The actor also talked about a possible Felicity reboot.

Co-host Amanda Kloots shared that she is a big fan of Felicity. If the show was brought back, would Foley be on board? He said:

You know, I said for years that I didn't think a reboot would work. I thought it was such a specific time, not just in the characters' lives but in everybody who watched it's lives as well, you know. It was about college and that sort of time of finding yourself. 

But a few years back, we had a sort of an anniversary at the Austin Film Festival--Austin Television Festival. And I was on stage around that cast for the first time in--it was the first time I'd seen some of them in 14, 15 years. And I loved it. I loved being around them and hearing about them and seeing their energy and it sort of changed my mind as to whether or not I'd do it again. And just to be around them again, I'd love to have that opportunity. So yes. We would do it.

Where does Foley imagine Noel would be today? Find out by watching the interview segment below.