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Days of Our Lives Recap: John's Worries About Marlena's Well-Being Intensify

Days of Our Lives Recap for October 13, 2021
John Black, Dr. Marlena Evans, Days of Our Lives

Drake Hogestyn, Deidre Hall

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: Eli, Lani, Paulina, and Abe are making another toast to their future.

Abigail asks Chad if he's playing John to keep her from having a romantic interlude with another man. She tells him it's just acting and he says he knows. Abigail reminds him he has jealousy issues and Chad counters it will be good for them as a couple. Chad agrees to give Abigail what she needs, but reminds her what Marlena and John have gone through over the years, which is supercouple material. Abigail offers to let Chad back in (ahem) and the two kiss, then take it upstairs.

Roman pops over to John's to tell him he's not going to fund Johnny's movie because he wants to protect Marlena. John admits he almost blew a gasket when he saw the focus was the possession. John confides to Roman that Marlena's been upset recently because she's failed lately like Doug. He thanks Roman for backing out of Johnny's movie.

Marlena's levitating y'all . . . with Satan's encouraging words coming through the white noise machine . . . encouraging her to bring Ciara and Ben's baby into the world because Satan needs that baby. Satan is filling Marlena's head with all kinds of information.

No time for deep, wet afterglow with Ciara and Ben. They wonder what caused the French doors to fly open so mysteriously. Ben wonders if it's a bad omen and Ciara questions if some unknown force is warning them not to get pregnant. Ciara is concerned about Ben's feelings about having a baby. Ben hopes he doesn't pass on his bad genes and the two agree to get the wee child help if the time comes. 

John has fresh tea ready for Marlena and wants to get into her room, but finds the door is locked. He's so confused! Is the door stuck? Is Doc okay? Satan releases his grip as John breaks through the door. Is she okay? Yep . . . (for now!). John wonders where the voices came from, but Marlena claims she was talking in her sleep.

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Suddenly, Marlena wants to get up, get dressed, and check on Ben. John tries to convince her to wait until tomorrow, but Marlena's a wee jumpy. John lets her know Roman stopped by to reveal what Johnny really intended with his movie. John says he will not fulfill his dream by using Marlena's past.

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Back at Paulina's, everyone's gone and now Abe wants to set a date. They look for a date that will work for both of them. They decide on the third week in November. Abe admits he's never been happier and hopes Paulina feels the same way.

Side Note: Where is Celeste to help Abe on life's thorny path???

Eli and Lani run into Roman outside of the Brady Pub. He's happy about their news, but didn't think Abe would drive it home so soon. Eli claims that Abe delivered.

Ben's worn out, but Ciara wants to watch a movie . . . can you guess which one randomly came up? Rosemary's Baby! (What what?) Ciara turned it off because she doesn't want to watch a horror movie before bed. She wants to focus on their love for each other. 

Side Note: RSW should be hairy not smooth. That is all.

In the afterglow of reunion sex, Chad hopes he and Abigail are back together . . . officially. They still have some hills to climb, but Abigail wants them to work on their issues together, and Chad agrees.

John encourages Marlena to help Johnny understand why they're not investing in him. John wants the past to stay in the past. He really believes it's going to be smooth sailing from this day forward.

Side Note: John . . . are you new to Salem?

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