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Perkie's Observations: Jason Confesses Sonny's Return Tanked His Wedding Night Plans on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for October 14, 2021
Steve Burton

Steve Burton

On today's General Hospital recap: Sonny says he appreciates how Jason watched out for his family and acknowledges it must have been difficult to decide to get married. Jason says it was a message for the families. Sonny questions whether he walked in on something between him and Carly the night he returned.

Jason says he and Carly are just best friends and that Sonny is her husband. Sonny asks what would have happened if he hadn't walked in that night. Jason admits they were going to have a marital night, but that's over now that Sonny is back.

Jason admits he started to fall back in love with Carly, but things will go back to the way they were. Sonny wonders how Jason can just shut off his feelings. Jason says they made the decision they would have a real marriage, but that's changed now that Sonny is back.

Ava confronts Nina about Mike, and asks if Nina fell in love with Sonny while she was in Nixon Falls. Nina swears nothing happened with Sonny and tells Ava not to use it against him. Ava thinks the two of them still have a chance.

Ava tells Nina that Spencer was the stalker and she had him arrested. She says she and Nikolas are back together and it could be the same for Nina and Mike. Nina accuses Ava of using this to her advantage. Ava says Sonny might not want to return to his old life but Nina tells her to back off.

Brook Lynn and Maxie head to the gym for a kickboxing class. Brook Lynn apologizes to Maxie for pushing her towards Austin. She's determined to get Austin out of their lives and has found a different way.

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Britt questions Austin, but he says he never told Ned that Leo was autistic or on the spectrum. Austin realizes that Brook Lynn is behind this and gets angry with Britt for taking her side. Britt says Austin is suspended until the board reviews the matter. Austin calls Maxie to meet up with her.

Austin gets to the gym and argues with Brook Lynn, which Maxie has to break up. Brook Lynn offers to tell Britt she made it up in exchange for Austin to give up his rights to ELQ. Austin refuses to play Brook Lynn's game.

Trina's still upset that Spencer was revealed as the stalker and is now kicked out of Wyndemere. She feels they aren't helping Spencer and doesn't want to antagonize Esme. Carly tells them that Spencer was arrested. Cameron and Trina head out while Josslyn stays behind to tell Carly she got into it with Nina. Josslyn is upset that Nina is walking around like nothing happened and doesn't seem remorseful. Carly tells her to let it go.

Esme heads to the station to scream at Chase for holding Spencer. When alone with Spencer, Esme says she can't access her trust fund and can't get him a lawyer. She promises she won't abandon him, then wonders how much he spilled to the police.
Spencer says he didn't betray her trust. Chase returns with questions for Esme, including asking about the night Ava's car was torched. Esme plays innocent.

Cameron and Trina get to the station and he offers Scotty's services to Spencer, but Esme says she tried already and he said no. Chase questions Cameron about knowing Esme and Ava's car fire. Cameron tells Chase that according to Spencer, Esme torched Ava's car, but then walked it back. Cameron says Spencer's always telling tall tales so it's hard to believe anything.

Esme tells Trina that Ava's responsible for Spencer and for her to tell Ava to back off.
Ava shows up at the PCPD to let Spencer know he'll be spending more time there.

Britt summons Jason to help find Liesl. 

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