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Raven-Symoné on Being Asked to Join The View: "I Was Catfished"


The Powers That Be over at The View pulled a bait and switch on actress and former co-host Raven-Symoné

On the ABC News special podcast "The View: Behind the Table," Raven-Symoné appeared with former co-host Candace Cameron Bure. The actress told this week's host, Sara Haines, that she was told when she was signing on to the show in 2015 the show would be about pop culture and not focus on politics. Once the political climate shifted, so did the course of the show's topics.  

Symoné stated:

I got catfished. I feel like I just got catfished. I thought I was going on a show, like Candace, where it was pop culture and fun and exciting and I got catfished, and I learned a good lesson.

Symoné also revealed being the solo LGBTQ+ member of the panel put pressure on her but she was put at ease with the help of moderator Whoopi Goldberg and producers. According to the Raven's Home star:

The only reason I really got through a lot of the stuff that I did get through was because of Whoopi and the producers as well. There is something amazing about behind the scenes of The View that kind of puts the salve over all the BS that’s going on on-camera that made it tolerable to stay as long as we did.