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WATCH: DAYS' Deidre Hall Dishes Levitating and Marlena's Demonic Plans For Cin's Baby (VIDEO)

Deidre Hall

Marlena (Deidre Hall) is positively possessed (by the Devil!) over on Days of Our Lives. Hall chatted with TV Insider about Marlena's levitation scenes and what "MarDevil" might have planned for Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) and Ciara's (Victoria Konefal) possible offspring.

Filming Marlena's levitation has evolved since the character was first possessed. Hall dished:

We didn’t have the special effects then that we have now. So if you were a little frightened then, we are so going to get you now. It’s great. It’s great. The bed rocks and the windows fly open and you would think—it’s just wild. It's completely terrifying this time.

She added:

The prep took a very long time, 'cause you had a number of cameras that had to be...that were synchronized to roll at the same time—ISO cameras, obviously. And the wind machines, 'cause they wanted things flying in the room. Not just the windows crashing open and the doors crashing open, the curtains flying everywhere, but things flying around, paper. I mean, just a flurry of activity. And Marlena levitated before. This time, the bed rock-and-rolls.

What does Marlena want with a possible Ben and Ciara baby? Hall explained:

Well, of course, you know, it’s Possessed Marlena, and the Devil would love to have a child to do his evil work.

Watch the interview below.