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Days of Our Lives Recap: EJ Uses Johnny to Pull a Fast One on Chad and Abigail

Days of Our Lives Recap for October 14, 2021
Dan Feuerriegel

Dan Feuerriegel

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: Nicole finds a big bouquet of roses waiting for her at the office. Brady is none too thrilled that they're from EJ and thinks he's compensating by sending such a big bouquet. Nicole tells Brady to shut up because he has no room to talk about romance and won't be taking his advice.

Chloe is upset that Philip hasn't changed his jealous ways when it comes to Brady. His attempts to smooth things over with roses didn't work out like he planned. Chloe wants something Philip may not be able to give her. She leaves Philip to stew alone at the mansion. Jake comes in and tells him they have something in common . . . girlfriends who are mad at them.

Chloe walks into Basic Black and tells Brady she doesn't need anything else from him. Chloe tells Brady about her fight with Philip and how she's having a hard time dealing with him. Brady reminds her of their great love and says he can understand him. Once again, Philip appears as Brady and Chloe friend hug.

At the DiMera's EJ tries to sweet talk Johnny. Johnny's not happy about his father's proposition to play John Black. He thinks EJ just wants to stick it to Uncle Chad. Johnny demands that EJ respects him enough to be honest. He wants EJ to admit he's in it for something that will benefit him, despite the pain it may cause Chad and Abigail. EJ hands his son contracts for them to sign, then he can deliver the bad news.

Johnny thinks EJ's deal is underhanded, but EJ counters if he doesn't like it, he can find others to invest. Johnny acknowledges he's in a bind, which EJ thinks is acceptance. And here come Chad and Abigail (after a long night of makeup sex)!

EJ explains he's helping Johnny, but Chad questions his motives. He explains since Roman pulled out, he stepped in. Johnny lets Chad know it's true and offers them the contract. Abigail assures Johnny that she and Chad want to help him out because he's family.

Ava offers to fix breakfast for an always hungry Rafe, but they find that Gabi beat her to the punch. Gabi has made everything just the way the duo like it, which makes Rafe highly suspicious. Gabi says she's taking the high road to make things work between the three of them. Ava smiles as Rafe chows down, but he's on the run, and the gals are left alone.

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After Rafe leaves, Ava tries to get a sample of Gabi's breakfast treat, but Gabi turns on her and calls her a lying hag. Gabi blames Ava for setting Philip onto Jake. Ava denies she had anything to do with it. Ava wonders what Gabi will do now that she knows that truth about how she got GabiChic.

Jake is giving Philip a hard time as well. He denies killing anyone, but Philip says it's one word against another. Jake calls Philip's bluff and tells him if he wants to fire someone, fire him. Philip fires Jake, but Jake pretends he doesn't care. Jake claims he got himself out of the mob, but accuses Philip of needing his daddy's help. Philip lets Jake know that if they sign over GabiChic, Jake will remain a free man. Jake warns Philip that Ava will turn on him.

Ava reiterates Jake's role in the mob, just so Gabi is clear. No matter how you slice it, Jake is looking at prison time. Gabi wonders how Ava got involved in something that was between her and Philip. Ava leans in and explains to Gabi that messing around with her life is going to cost her what she loves most. The company will be bigger and better as AvaChic. Ava tells Gabi that she won't tell Rafe about it because it will mean Gabi will have to turn on Jake. 

EJ talks about the multiple copies he's made for the other investors. Chad and Abigail decide to move forward and sign the contract, but Chad informs Johnny he wants a change so he plays John Black. EJ says he's got the role opposite Abigail. Chad tells Johnny to tear up the contract they just signed, but he's worried about losing the investment money. EJ tells them to make the best of it. Johnny apologizes and promises it will be professional.

Nicole is outside the Brady Pub and runs into Rafe. He tells her he cleaned out Sweet Bits, but offers to make time and share a donut. Nicole hesitates, but gives in. They talk about their awkward date night. Rafe tells Nicole he gets damned jealous when he sees her with EJ. She tells him not to say those things to her. 

EJ taunts Chad and tells him he could play Roman as he has a great deal to bring to the table as a cuckold. Abigail steps between the men and tells EJ she will do what she has to, but he's made it more difficult. EJ recalls their special chemistry and thinks it will come through in the movie, especially the boardroom scene. EJ smiles and takes his leave. Chad turns on Johnny and spews out his anger at the lad. Abigail tells Chad to turn the tables on EJ by going to Shin to eject EJ from his power seat at DiMera.

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