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WATCH: Howie Mandel Drops to His Drawers For Ellen (VIDEO)

Howie Mandel

Howie Mandel took a novel approach to show how much he was going to miss The Ellen DeGeneres Show after its final season. Viewers got to see a whole new side of Mandel during his recent appearance on the talk show. 

Mandel shared how much he not only loved Ellen, but also its merchandise. He noted he was wearing an Ellen sweatshirt before asking Ellen DeGeneres:

Where am I going to get my underpants, Ellen?

DeGeneres replied:

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We’ll still sell it.

Mandel said:

You will? 'Cause I always wear your underpants. I’m wearing your underpants today.

He then proceeded to drop his pants to reveal he was telling the truth; he was, in fact, sporting a striped pair of Ellen underwear! 

Watch Howie's revealing moment below.