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The Young and the Restless Recap: Nick Catches Jesse Gaines Lurking as the Tuscan Wedding Commences (WATCH)

The Young and the Restless Recap for October 14, 2021
Joshua Morrow

Joshua Morrow

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: It appears that Victoria and Ashland’s wedding is finally going to commence. Nikki watches proudly from the audience as Victoria stands on a very elevated stage. 

Side Note: Does that stage seem REALLY HIGH to anyone else?

Side Note #2: These sets really are stunning. Mayhaps a little Tuscan flare will end up in Genoa City.

Victor enters, takes her hands, and smiles warmly at his daughter. He tells her that she looks stunning and she thanks her daddy for everything. They love each other and get all lovey and gooey as Nikki and all involved are watching. 

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In a room with no elevated stage, Jesse Gaines enters and moves to the window to peer through the curtains. Just then, Nicholas and his adorable sweater enter to ask what the hell Jesse Gaines is doing there. Jesse Gaines turns and stares him squarely in the eyes.  

Side Note: Does anyone else feel a wee bit sorry for Jesse Gaines? He was railroaded out of a fortune and just wants a smidgen of revenge. 

Will Ashland and Victoria’s wedding go off without a hitch? Will Nicholas’ adorable sweater survive his inevitable encounter with Jesse Gaines? We want to hear from YOU! Watch the video and sound off in the comments below!

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