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Perkie's Observations: Peter Takes Control of Victor's Operation on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for October 18, 2021
Wes Ramsey

Wes Ramsey

On today's General Hospital recap: Scotty checks in with Britt, who says Jason has agreed to help them. Jason thinks someone hacked Scotty's computer to get information on Liesl, which is how they were able to grab her.

Spinelli hacks into Scotty's computer and finds spyware installed showing someone has been monitoring everything Scotty has done. Spinelli says the IP address points to Crete.

Drew wants to know how to stop Peter from taking control of him again, but Liesl's not sure she can help him. Liesl tells him next time to focus on someone he loves, like Scout, and he'll survive Peter.

Anna says she's leading the team to find Peter and Valentin, while Sam and Dante make their own plans to breach the compound. Robert stops them and Anna chastises them. Anna reminds Dante he'll be triggered again and tells her agent not to let either Sam or Dante out of his sights.

Victor declares himself done with Peter and tells his guards to execute him (but because today is neither my birthday or Christmas . . . ). The guards however, are no longer on Victor's side and they drag him away.

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Valentin questions Russell as to why he's still being held despite being on Victor's side. Victor is forced to join Valentin, who's not surprised to see that Peter's now in charge.

Curtis and Portia enjoy a date night. Portia tells him she received a letter of apology from Stella. Curtis talks about his childhood with his aunt and losing his father at a young age. Someone is watching from a distance (the "dead" father perhaps?).

WSB agents storm the compound setting off alarms. Peter heads over to tell Drew that he has a job for him, but Drew's not having it. Drew jumps Peter and manages to get the upper hand. Drew finds Valentin and rescues him, allowing Victor to make a run for it.

Sam and Dante do their best to try and convince their WSB guard to let them go by playing on his sympathies, and they succeed. Sam and Dante manage to get into the compound and come across Victor. He tells them that Peter is deranged, and he betrayed him. Sam asks about Drew.

Robert and Anna search the grounds for Peter. They come across Valentin and Drew. Peter comes up behind them and shoots Valentin. Peter and Drew get into a gun fight, with Drew taking the brunt of it. Drew falls into the water.

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