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Days of Our Lives Recap: Marlena Green Lights Johnny's Film Despite John's Strong Objections

Days of Our Lives Recap for October 18, 2021
Deidre Hall

Deidre Hall

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: Justin is chatting to Xander, who is doing shirtless pushups on the jail cell floor. Justin laments trying to extort a judge, but Xander accepts the blame for pushing him so hard. Xander offers to take Justin under his wing to help him survive prison life. Justin is reluctant to accept his help until Xander reminds him that five years in the clink adds up to a lot of showers. Xander fills in Justin on his and Gwen's scheme, but doesn't reveal the whole truth.

Bonnie's cellmate tells her to stay quiet when she starts screaming from behind the bars. That cellmate is Gwen. Bonnie recognizes Jack's daughter and wants to know why she's there. Gwen fills her in on Justin's arrest, which upsets Bonnie immensely. 

Jack tells Steve he doesn't understand what's happening with Julie and Doug. Kayla tells them Doug is sedated at Bayview, so she should be able to see him. Jack asks if Doug really needs to be in solitary confinement. Kayla assures him Marlena did what was best for him.

Steve and Kayla tell Jack he looks like crap, which leads Jack to spill all the tea about Gwen and the crooked judge . . . who tossed Gwen, Xander, and Justin in the slammer. Kayla just can't understand why Justin broke the law for them, but Steve explains that Justin did it for love.

Johnny is with Marlena and John. He admits he has second thoughts about his film because of his John's concerns. Marlena disagrees, which confuses Johnny. Both Johns are shocked when Marlena gives her blessing for the go ahead. Marlena advises Johnny to take what's offered if it's exactly what he wants. Marlena hugs Johnny whilst John clutches his pearls in the background. After Johnny leaves, John tells Marlena that he's not onboard for his film that is titled after and focused on her possession.

Marlena doesn't seem to care. She explains to John the most upsetting part of her possession is the secret behind it. She wants the world to know she's not ashamed of it. John doesn't want to relive that nightmare and reminds her he's the one who saved her (!). John rolls back and says it happened to her and he doesn't want to relive it because he remembers it so clearly. Marlena tells John he has unresolved issues from that time, but she's off to the boudoir to read Johnny's script.

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Victor is chatting with Brady on the phone about how happy he is that Maggie is back and Chloe is kicked to the curb. In walks Melinda, who wants to know what Victor wants. He's looking for a get out of jail free card for his nephews, which Melinda denies. Victor however, wonders why she bothered to stop by Casa Kiriakis in the first place. He clarifies he doesn't care about Gwen or Bonnie.

Melinda tells Victor she's game, but not for money. Gurl doesn't like to lose. Victor sees what she wants, which is . . . an upgrade for his nephews.

Steve pops into the mansion and Victor tells him he has a job for him. Victor wants Steve to find Kristen DiMera.

Kayla follows up on a phone call that leads her to Marlena. John tells her she's reading in bed. Kayla informs John that Marlena said Doug couldn't have any visitors. John thinks Marlena is protecting Julie from harm. He admits however, that Marlena hasn't been herself lately.

In the Black bedroom, Marlena gets summoned by the devil. Marlena tries to resist, but Satan reminds her through a series of amazing flashbacks of her first possession of why they should be together. The wind picks up and the lights flicker in the bedroom. Soon after Marlena tosses her head back in laughter. The deed is done.

Melinda tells Gwen and Bonnie they aren't going anywhere, but gives more optimistic news to Xander and Justin. 

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