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Perkie's Observations: Drew Survives His Shooting and Saves Liesl on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for October 19, 2021
Cameron Mathison

Cameron Mathison

On today's General Hospital recap: Drew falls into the water. Anna gets to Valentin, while Peter runs off (of course). Valentin tells Anna that Liesl needs rescuing as well. Anna keeps Valentin conscious by talking about Charlotte.

Victor tells Sam and Dante that Drew is under Peter's control, and tells them how to escape the compound. Dante forces Victor to help them find Drew, but he says they also need to save Liesl. In her cell, Dante finds a hypodermic needle and figures Liesl was taken.

Victor also explains to them that Drew's memory control has been reactivated by Peter. Victor puts all the blame for Drew's capture on Peter. Sam is determined that Peter hasn't won. Dante wants to lock Victor in Drew's cell, but he talks his way into helping them.

Valentin is taken to the hospital. Robert and Anna head back to the bar where the agent tells them he let both Sam and Dante go. Sam, Dante, and Victor return to the bar as well. Anna tells them that Valentin was shot and taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Victor admits that Valentin is his son and a true Cassadine. He explains about his affair with Helena. Anna says she'll hold Victor responsible if Valentin dies. Victor wants to go to the hospital to check on Valentin, but neither Anna nor Dante are willing to let him go.

Sam asks about Drew, and Robert tells her that Peter shot Drew three times, then fell into the water. He says Drew never resurfaced and agents are looking for him. Sam's upset, but Dante says Drew has been hard to kill.

Portia spots Ava and Nikolas across the room, and is not happy. Portia complains to Curtis about Spencer and Nikolas playing mind games, and how Trina got caught in the middle.

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Nikolas pulls out Ava's rings and asks her to put them back on. He vows to love her as he slips them back on her finger. Ava repeats the vow to him and the two toast to each other. Britt interrupts to talk to Nikolas about the Cassadines.

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Britt tells them that Scott's computer was hacked and whoever is there has Liesl. Nikolas says he has nothing to do with anything happening in Greece. Britt tells Nikolas that she'd be happy to talk to Spencer on his behalf. Britt offers her help in exchange for information about the Cassadine holdings in Greece. Nikolas offers to make a few calls.

Ava and Portia get caught up and talk about Trina. Portia says Spencer made Trina question her own judgement. Ava questions how Portia feels about Nikolas, whom she blames for Spencer's actions. Ava says she made Spencer pay by having him arrested, but Portia disagrees with that course of action. Portia says she doesn't want Trina to be friends with Spencer because he's a Cassadine.

Curtis and Jason discuss Sonny's return, and Nina's involvement. Curtis tells him about Michael's anger at Nina, but he believes in second chances.

The man watching Curtis makes small talk to his bartender, but is gone when she goes to introduce him to Curtis.

Britt gets a call from Anna and updates Jason about what's happening in Greece, and he decides they need to head there.

Nikolas calls the bartender to find out what's been going on.

An alive but triggered Drew puts Liesl in the trunk of Peter's car, and they head off together.

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