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The Real's Jeannie Mai Reveals Childhood Abuse Almost Kept Her From Motherhood

Jeannie Mai

The Real's Jeannie Mai is getting candid on why she never wanted to have children. On her YouTube show, Hello Hunnay, Mai explained that a traumatic experience she had during her childhood made her fearful of having her own child. In 2019, Mail revealed she was sexually molested by a cousin when she was a child. On the recent episode, Mai stated:

I didn’t trust myself to actually to protect somebody else.

Mai, who was previously married to Freddy Harteis from 2007-2018, said for years she would tell her ex-husband she didn't want to have children, which was a source of contention for the couple. Now, with her current husband, rapper Jeezy, Mai is no longer fearful and is open to having children. Mai stated:

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What I’ve determined to do is face my fears, and do everything I can to understand where it comes from so that I know it’s not real. There are bad people in the world who could harm your child. But I also know that I am a mighty woman today and that my child is not going to have the same relationship with their parents that I had with mine.

Watch the video below.