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Was The Talk's Sheryl Underwood Blindsided by Hiring of Natalie Morales?

Sheryl Underwood and Natalie Morales

Sheryl Underwood and Natalie Morales

Did The Talk keep longtime host Sheryl Underwood clueless about Natalie Morales joining the show? According to reports, Underwood alleges she was "blindsided" when execs hired Morales and felt she should've been told about what was going on. The Sun is reporting Underwood felt the brass over at The Talk should've kept her in the know as a sign of respect with what was going on, since she's been on the show longer than the all of the hosts.

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The tabloid also alleges Underwood feels as if she's not getting enough shine, with all the buzz Morales is getting for joining and with co-host Amanda Kloots joining Dancing with the Stars. According to the site, Underwood

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felt she should have been consulted and kept in the loop out of respect for her seniority with the show. There is so much hoopla surrounding Natalie and so much publicity and airtime devoted to her joining the show. 

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The site claims Underwood feels as if she's "not getting the eyeballs that she wants." The Sun also is reporting Underwood feels as if she isn't getting her just due for keeping the show together. Another show insider denies what is being reported and states:

The hosts and show are in a great place right now, everything is clicking creatively and everyone is excited to be working together.