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Days of Our Lives Recap: MarDevil Realizes That John May Be a Problem for Her

Days of Our Lives Recap for October 19, 2021
Deidre Hall

Deidre Hall

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: Brady asks Chloe if she talked to Philip and she admits she did. Brady digs deeper and wonders if she accepted Philip's eleventieth apology. She tells Brady she moved out and he apologizes for his behavior. Chloe corrects Brady when he assumes she broke up with Philip. Chloe reminds him her living situation was temporary. She's not ready to give up on Philip.

Kate finds Philip sulking outside the Brady Pub and asks what's wrong. She tells him every time he looks like a puppy in a thunderstorm it's about Chloe. Kate reminds Philip he's been doing this since high school and now it's just sad. Philip's not in the mood for her and tries to leave. He tells Kate that Chloe moved out. 

Side Note: Kate's is not wrong about any of this.

Kate advises Philip to move on, and scoffs when he tells her about her faking blindness and amnesia for love. Kate tells him she knows he cares for Chloe even though she doesn't understand it. Philip explains it's his fault not Chloe's. He says he loses it when Brady's involved.

Lucas tells Roman he's looking over Johnny's contract about his investment. Roman informs Lucas that he pulled out of his project in support of John. Lucas corrects Roman about Marlena's green light and Roman wonders about how John feels about it.

Johnny runs into Chanel in Horton Square and blathers off romantic sonnets because he's in a good mood. Chanel already knows it's about the financing, but tells him that Allie won't sign off unless Marlena does. Done and done. Chanel is a wee skeptical of how much Marlena is into his project.

Marlena is reliving all her old memories when Satan fulfills his goal They are now one. Knock, knock . . . it's John. He wants to come into the bedroom.

Tripp pops in on Allie after work. He spots Johnny's contract and notes she didn't sign it. She explains what she's waiting for. When Allie shows Tripp Henry's tattered blanket, he offers to sew it back together.

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Chanel is skeptical of Marlena's agreement for Johnny's project. She wonders if Johnny guilted her into it after Johnny explains about Marlena's nightmares. He denies it and admits he was ready to talk her out of it. Chanel is unsettled when Johnny wonders why Marlena was so short with John. Despite Chanel's concerns, Johnny feels it's all okay.

John walks into the bedroom to find MarDevil reading Johnny's script . . . while wearing sunglasses. When he asks about the sunglasses, MarDevil claims there was a lot of glare from the light onto the script. He's having bad memories from her past that include when Satan was trying to hide himself. 

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John questions why Marlena did a flip on accepting Johnny's script. She tries to explain how it's better to have everything out in the open without innuendo and gossip. John tells her to take off the sunglasses, but she finds the suggestion insulting. John pushes, so she takes them off . . . and he's relieved . . . her eyes are hers.

John decides this is a good time to ask about Kayla's concerns regarding Julie visiting Doug. Marlena doesn't like him questioning her professional decisions. What she does for Doug is between her and Doug only. Marlena gets ticked off and tells John that if there's a problem with his treatment, Kayla can address it with her.

Kate and Philip get inside the pub. She needs a drink and tries to get Lucas to help his brother out. Lucas tells Philip to stay calm and away from Brady. Philip reminds Kate that Chloe moved out, but that's all. Lucas offers to take a walk with Philip to get out from under Kate.

Roman isn't happy with the way Kate treats him. It's as though he's not there. Kate tells Roman was right about her and Jake, and doesn't want to hear him gloat about it. The duo share a moment or few.

Chloe explains that she didn't bother to make arrangements when she decided to move out. Brady offers her a room with John and Marlena. Chloe says she will stay at the Salem Inn. On their walk, both Lucas and Philip watch Brady escort Chloe into the inn.

Johnny and Chanel pop over to Allie's to get the contract. Allie wants to know if there was mutual agreement between John and Marlena about the film. Johnny admits that John was less than thrilled. Allie hands over the signed contract. Now the filming can begin. Later, Chanel agrees to play Celeste.

John leaves the  bedroom. MarDevil takes off the sunglasses again and feels pretty happy with how she handled the situation. Now Satan can change his appearance and wonders about John's suspicions about Marlena. MarDevil admits that John could be a problem.

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