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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Remembers an Intimate Moment With Nina on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for October 20, 2021
Maurice Benard

Maurice Benard

On today's General Hospital recap: Nina talks to Curtis again and complains about the mess she's made. Nina worries this will go on forever, but Curtis reassures her. 

Willow asks Michael if he's still able to work with Nina after what she did to Sonny. (I had completely forgotten that Crimson is a subsidiary of Aurora, which Michael is in charge of.) Willow wonders if Michael has considered having Nina removed.

Michael wants Nina away from Wiley, but Willow asks him to reconsider. Willow says she's not defending Nina, but legally she has rights and could get into a court battle with them over Wiley. She tells him not to let his emotions get the best of him and Michael agrees. Michael calls the Pennsylvania Attorney General to discuss a crime that hasn't been prosecuted yet.

Ned and Olivia have dinner and discuss Leo. Olivia says his pediatrician is suggesting that Leo get checked out by a neurologist and is annoyed by it.

Maxie talks to Austin about possibly losing his medical license in order to get a piece of the ELQ pie. Austin wonders why she's so invested.

The two run into Ned and Olivia, and she gets all up in Austin's face. Austin agrees that it wasn't his place to stick his nose in and Olivia warns him to stay away from Leo before swanning out. Ned tells Austin another doctor agreed that Leo needs to be assessed. Austin apologizes again, then mentions how Brook Lynn's trying to get his license taken away, which surprises Ned.

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Olivia complains to Ned the Quartermaines are always throwing money at problems and Leo is a different type of kid. Ned thinks they need as much information, but she doesn't want Leo seeing specialists.

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Liz invites Finn to Trivia Night and he'd like to consider it a date. Finn wants them to take a chance and see where things go. Terry interrupts to tell Liz she got a call from her father asking how Liz has been since Franco's death. Liz is not happy that Jeff didn't reach out to her directly.

Britt tells Terry she's leaving to find her mother and Terry agrees to hold the fort down in her absence.

Jason walks in on an intimate moment between Carly and Sonny, making things uncomfortable. Jason says he wants things to go back to the way they were and Carly agrees. Sonny remembers being in Nixon Falls and telling Nina that he loves her. Jason tells them he's leaving for Crete and explains Peter's involvement.

Sonny talks about running into Peter in Nixon Falls, but not remembering who he was. Carly wonders why Peter didn't out Sonny at the time. Britt stops by and Sonny wishes them luck in finding Liesl.

Carly tells Sonny she's happy everything is now out in the open.

The mystery man shows up at the hospital claiming to be in pain, and TJ checks his vitals. Marshall makes small talk and finds out information on TJ. Marshall takes off when TJ goes off to find someone for a second opinion.

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