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TMZ Reports ABC Privately Calling "B.S." on Meghan McCain's The View Claims

meghan mccain

Meghan McCain

ABC is calling a flag on the play with Meghan McCain's accounts of being bullied in a toxic work environment during her time at The View.

According to TMZ, the real culprit behind the bad behavior at the talk show was actually McCain herself.

The site claims ABC execs are denying McCain left on her own accord and was actually pushed out after an internal investigation revealed she created the hostility with staffers on and off camera with her actions.

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ABC News President Kim Goodwin had an internal investigation done behind the scenes regarding McCain's behavior and it proved the self-proclaimed "rabble rouser" was the cause of the in-fighting when she held a meeting with producers and talent.

In May, Goodwin held an emergency meeting after McCain and Joy Behar had an on-air blow up when speaking about Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's (R-GA) mask mandate comments and anti-Semitic attacks. McCain reportedly stormed out of the meeting after she claimed she was "being attacked." 

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TMZ claims many at ABC felt McCain instigated arguments on camera or kept the hostility going after the cameras were done.

In the end, ABC got tired of her antics and decided McCain had to go and not her declaration of it being her own decision.

Sources for the site state now that McCain has left, the mood over at the Mouse House have improved tremendously as well as the ratings.