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Days of Our Lives Recap: Abigail and Justin Separately Inch Closer to Unraveling Gwen's Big Lie

Days of Our Lives Recap for October 20, 2021
Marci Miller

Marci Miller

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: Chad comes home and Abigail informs him that Gwen is in jail for soliciting a judge. The duo question why she's doing something for Xander in the process. Abigail tells Chad that Gwen was a sex worker in Philadelphia, but thinks Gwen's lying. Abigail explains that Dr. Snyder must have had a lot of dirt on Gwen and the two wonder what the real story is. Chad wants to focus on the future, but Abigail is worried about Jack and how the worst is yet to come. Abigail wants to know what's really going on and puts a call through to Kayla.

Bonnie tries to reassure Gwen that Justin's brilliance will free them. Gwen wonders how that will happen since Justin's sharing a cell with Xander. Jack arrives as a guard takes Bonnie away.

Gwen tearfully apologizes to Jack and hopes he can forgive her. They talk about Bonnie, but Gwen admits she's been helpful for her. Jack tells Gwen he's trying to get her a new lawyer, but wonders why she didn't come to him in the first place. Gwen wants Jack to deliver a message to Xander.

Xander and Justin ponder the motives of Victor and Melinda. A guard comes for Justin and doesn't reveal why. Bonnie and Justin are reunited because he's legally still her lawyer. The guard cuffs him to the table and says they have five minutes. Bonnie wastes time by telling Justin he has to make whatever bargain he can to free himself, even if it sends her off to Statesville. Justin wants to talk about their future and how he still wants to get married. This sets Bonnie's tears off again. Time's up!

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Steve meets up with Kayla, who wants to talk about her call to Bayview. She informs Steve that Doug can't talk to anybody per Marlena's orders. Kayla doesn't think Marlena is that kind of doctor . . . or person. Steve informs Kayla that Victor wanted to hire him to find Kristen.

Steve explains that Victor offered Kristen to her (remember she killed Melinda's daughter). Kayla wonders the price point and he says it's dropping the charges against Justin and Xander. Kayla gets concerned when Steve says once he nabs Kristen, he can use the information to make a bargain for Bonne and Gwen as well. Kayla tells him he can't take this case. He's going to take the case.

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Nicole is bumbling her belongings at her apartment door. EJ comes along and tells her they have unfinished business. He wants a do-over on their date since the first one went so badly. Nicole tries to back out, but EJ promises a dry martini will be waiting for her.

Jack makes it to Xander's cell in time to see him doing crunches again (sorry, his shirt is on this time). Jack tells him how Gwen wants to admit to Melinda she was the drug mule without Xander's help. Xander makes Jack promise to keep quiet because he thinks he will get off the hook.

Steve spots EJ and Nicole getting seated and thinks they may have the intel he needs. Kayla think she can help Steve get Nicole alone and she has an idea on how to do it.

EJ brings up Basic Black business, but Nicole is more interested in why EJ kissed her. EJ apologizes for overstepping, but Nicole admits she let him. He tells her that despite nasty divorces and a complicated history, it could be fun to see where it goes . . . and they did have spectacular fun. Nicole tells him they can discuss it if he buys her another martini.

Just then, drunk Kayla stumbles over to their table. Kayla giggles that EJ must have had a good reason to brainwash her husband and she doesn't hold a grudge. EJ is annoyed when Kayla spills her red wind all over him. When EJ heads to the men's room, Steve tells Nicole he wants answers about Kristen and thinks the answers may be in EJ's phone. Nicole turns a blind eye whilst Steve goes to work.

Jack catches up to Justin, who tells Jack that things are way more complicated than he can imagine. Justin warns Jack the truth is a whole can of worms he doesn't want to open. (Looks like Abigail and Justin are in the same boathouse.) 

EJ comes back to the table and wonders WTF is going on. Nicole tells EJ that Steve and Kayla were just leaving. Once they leave, EJ admits he hates them both. Nicole tries to get EJ to redirect his focus to their date, but he's still pissed. Meanwhile, Steve and Kayla are outside with EJ's phone. 

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