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Perkie's Observations: Michael Throws His Corinthos Weight Behind the PA Attorney General on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for October 21, 2021
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Michael Corinthos, General Hospital

Chad Duell

On today's General Hospital recap: Willow wants to discuss Michael and Nina with Carly. She's worried about what Michael might do, but Willow doesn't want an ugly legal battle. Carly says Nina acts on her own beliefs and is concerned about Wiley. Carly believes Nina is dangerous. Willow says they need to let Nina start the fight. Carly counters that Michael has been pushed too far and will act.

Nikolas worries about Spencer, but Ava reminds him they gave him an out and he didn't take it. Nikolas blames himself for enabling Spencer since he was a child. Ava says she won't testify against Spencer if he accepts their marriage.

Phyllis isn't sure where her life leads now, so Nina asks her to stay in Port Charles. Ava joins them and introduces herself to Phyllis. Ava says she's fascinated by Sonny's life in Nixon Falls. When Phyllis steps away, Nina demands to know what Ava is up to. Ava says she's going to ask Sonny for joint custody and needs ammo.

Esme tells Spencer she hasn't been able to get him a lawyer for his arraignment. Sonny arrives and dismisses Esme. Sonny chastises Spencer for going after Avery, but Spencer claims he was just so angry with Ava. Sonny says he crossed a line and says you never hurt children or family.

Sonny says Spencer got himself busted and has to face the consequences. Sonny says Spencer has to move forward and decide who he wants to be. Spencer complains that Nikolas picked Ava over him. Sonny says he understands not being able to count on his father, but he can't bail him out this time.

Ava talks to Sonny about Avery. He says he won't keep her away and thinks the current arrangement is fine. Ava asks for joint custody, but Sonny's not having it. Sonny acknowledges that Avery needs stability and offers more time, though not through the courts.

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Nikolas heads to the courthouse, but he and Spencer get into an argument about Ava. Nikolas wants respect for Ava, but Spencer refuses. Esme tries to convince him to accept the deal or he'll end up in jail and she'll be put aside. Nikolas questions whether Spencer is willing to dig in his heels for more jail time.

Monica catches Austin checking the hospital computer and he claims he's checking on a patient. She reminds him he's been suspended. Austin blames Brook Lynn for setting him up. Monica understands the Quartermaine mindset of US vs THEM. Monica says it's taken her years to find her place in the Quartermaine family and wonders if Austin is serious about joining them.

Brook Lynn lets Michael know about her tactics in getting Austin to back off. Maxie tries to play devil's advocate, but Brook Lynn reminds her that Jimmy Lee was kept out of the will for a reason. Brook says Austin is going after money that isn't his. Michael is impressed with Brook Lynn's plan.

Ned says he's worried about Leo, but Olivia continues to insist that there's no problem. Ned disagrees, so Olivia decides it's time for a divorce.

Austin heads to the mansion to tell them he doesn't want anything to do with the family and he'll sign away his claim. Brook Lynn hands him the legal papers and Austin signs it. Austin warns Brook Lynn that this isn't over.

Mr. Sheridan, the Pennsylvania Attorney General arrives to personally thank Michael for his sizable donation to his campaign. He wonders why Michael is interested in their election. Michael wants his help with a legal issue, though we don't hear the details. Mr. Sheridan is more than happy to help Michael out. 

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