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Tori Spelling Reveals Late 90210 Costar Luke Perry Once Defended Her From Abusive Ex

Tori Spelling, Luke Perry, Beverly Hills 90210

Steven Bergman Photography

Tori Spelling appeared on the Oct. 18 episode of the hit podcast Whine Down with Jana Kramer. During the interview, Spelling opened up about being in a verbally abusive relationship at age 19. 

Spelling stated:

It’s interesting because as hard as it is on you, you don’t know when you’re young, that it’s so hard on everyone else.

Her late Beverly Hills, 90210 co-star Luke Perry defended her, she recalled. She added of Perry:

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At my parents’ Christmas Eve party one year, he was there and he just, like, saw this ex-boyfriend, and they got into it and he tried to punch him. Jason Priestley had to pull him off—it was one of those epic stories, you’re like ‘Whoa, looking back, that’s crazy.'

Although the fight caused tension between Spelling and Perry, she ultimately realized Perry was a "great friend." She explained:

I was mad at him instead of realizing in hindsight it was like [he] loved me and he was like, ‘I don’t care. I’m gonna go to bat for her.' He was a great friend.

Listen to the episode below.