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Days of Our Lives Recap: Jake’s Past With The Vitali Family Gets Abe Shot!

Days of Our Lives Recap for October 21, 2021
James Reynolds

James Reynolds

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Abe kissing Paulina. She is trying to make wedding plans and he is trying to get some lovin'. Paulina wants her wedding to be just as perfect as her groom.

Side Note: Poor Abe.

Across town, Jake looks distressed as he looks out for Gabi and pulls his gat out from underneath their mattress. He aims it into the distance and warns Philip to be careful about just who he is messing with. Enter Gabi in a towel.

At Casa de Weston, Ben and Ciara continue on their baby making project.

Side Note: Did Casa de Weston suddenly get a window behind their bed?

At the penthouse, MarDevil is sending Ben a text about their therapy session. She is wondering how the “procreation” is going. She wants this process to move along quickly because their child is ultimately important to her plan. Enter John.

Like sands through the hourglass.

At Chez Grant, Eli is enjoying some key lime pie when Lani enters. He says he might sell his soul to the devil for another slice. Lani grabs his slice, sits in his lap, and begins to feed him.

Next thing you know, Eli and Lani are redressing after their mid-morning delight. They are being all cute and adorable as they start talking about the upcoming marriage of Auntie P and Abe.

At the Hernandez Hacienda, Jake hides his gat and Gabi begins to wonder what they can do to stop Philip from putting him in prison. Jake distracts her with a kiss and a promise to do anything to make her happy. Cue towel drop and the happy couple moving back to the bed.

Abe tries to help Paulina with the details by saying Marlena is available to officiate their ceremony. Abe tells Paulina he was the officiant at one of John and Marlena’s weddings and she is trying to repay the favor. It means a lot to Abe and Paulina agrees . . . reluctantly. Abe wants to head over to the penthouse to make things official.

Cue Flashback: Paulina tells Marlena that Abe is not Lani’s father nor is Tammy her mother.

At the penthouse, MarDevil tells John there is no rest for the wicked as she has been working since before John got up. Just then, Julie enters all furious that she is being kept from Doug.

MarDevil tells Julie she is sorry she’s upset, but Julie has zero f**** left to give. She just wants to see her husband. MarDevil says that Doug being without visitors is for his and everyone else’s own protection. John jumps in and tries to cut for Doug and Julie. MarDevil verbally smacks them both and says she is the psychiatrist, unless they know best. Julie wonders why Marlena gets to play God with folks’ lives.

Julie tries to appeal to Marlena by asking how she would feel if this were John and not Doug. MarDevil tries to convince them she has Julie and Doug’s best interests at heart. She runs out just as Abe and Paulina arrive.

Abe and Paulina explain they are getting married as MarDevil pretends to care. They ask her to preside over the ceremony.

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MarDevil explains that she couldn’t possibly officiate over their wedding without knowing what her friend Tamara thinks about her sister Paulina marrying her BABY DADDY!

Side Note: Did no one even blink when MarDevil said “Baby Daddy!”

Paulina explains that Tammy has given Paulina and Abe their blessing. MarDevil wants to hear it form Tammy, then they’re good to go. John wants to have three mimosas, but Abe says they need to pick him out a suit. Paulina asks John to help Abe out whilst she and Marlena have a chat. 

Marlena had Paulina sweating bullets. She thought her secret was going to be revealed. MarDevil smiles and says she thought about outing her secret.

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Paulina is aghast because she thought the secrets she told Marlena were covered under doctor/patient confidentiality. MarDevil assures her she is correct! Paulina doesn’t get it. MarDevil explains Paulina’s issues with trust are not with her, but with herself because of the secrets she is keeping from Abe. MarDevil says love is honesty. Paulina doesn’t understand how she can break the heart of the man she loves. MarDevil says that if Paulina doesn’t tell the truth, may God have mercy on her soul.

Ben and Ciara are still secure in their bed enjoying their post baby making glow. Ben kisses her stomach and says he already loves this baby. MarDevil does too.

Gabi and Jake have worked up an appetite and are about to enter the Brady Pub, just as they run into Ben and Ciara. She wants to talk to Gabi, which is good fortune since Jake wants to chat with Ben.

Jake tells Ben he’s in a bit of a situation and flashes his gat. Jake explains the situation to Ben and he says he can relate trying to escape the man he was. 

Side Note: It’s kind of awesome that we’re getting to remember that Jake and Ben are friends, and Gabi and Ciara once bonded when Ben and Stefan were friends. Well played. 

Inside the Brady Pub, Gabi and Ciara get settled. Ciara sips her coffee, enjoys it, and says she will miss it. She then tells Gabi that she and Ben were trying to get preggers. Ciara goes on to say that she has has talked to Grandpa Victor and is going back to work at Titan. Ciara wants nothing more than to work for the fabulous Gabriella DiMera at GabiChic. Gabi says that’s not happening since Philip just fired her. 

Ciara doesn’t understand how Philip could fire Gabi from her own company. She is the face! Gabi agrees, but it is what it is. Ciara doesn’t want to let it go. Gabi encourages Ciara to use her influence with Victor. 

Outside, Jake is explaining the very same thing to Ben. He calls Philip a “silver-spooned son of a bitch,” which prompts Ben to ask if he’s going to kill Philip. Jake says he may not have a choice since Carmine is involved. Ben is somewhat confused. 

Jake explains that Carmine has the goods on him for killing a guy when he was a hit man for the Vitali family. Jake hopes he and his gat can convince Carmine to be quiet. Ben offers to back him up, but Jake tells him he’s not letting him get involved. 

Julie shows up at Chez Grant and is furious that Marlena is keeping her from Doug. Eli and Lani try to explain that Marlena has Doug’s best interest at heart. Lani says there is nothing they can do, but Eli says maybe there is. 

Eli explains that since he is on the force, he can go to Bayview with Julie and stand there with her so she is protected while she is visiting Doug. Julie is so relieved. Eli says they are leaving right now.

In Horton Square, Abe and John have found the men’s store is closed. They sip their coffee and John asks if he thinks Marlena is acting weird. John references Marlena’s hard stand with Julie as evidence. John says she’s been off for quite a while. 

John tells Abe about Johnny’s movie and how it has changed from Marlena as a side player to being all about her possession. John just doesn’t understand and goes on to tell Abe she has started wearing her sunglasses again. Abe puts two and two together and asks John if he thinks Marlena is possessed again. John says he doesn’t think so, but tells Abe about all the strangeness around Doug’s collapse and eventual commitment. John is pretty sure that there is evidence on the recording of their session that will clue him in to what’s going on with his wife.  

We begin the ending of our day in Salem with Eli and Julie visiting Bayview. Eli asks a nurse to see Doug. She denies him visitation, but Eli flashes his badge and says it’s a police matter. 

Jake heads to the park to meet Carmine, who is tickled to learn that his last name has changed to DiMera. Jake has no patience and thinks it’s in everyone’s best interest to keep his mouth shut. Jake wonders just what Carmine is being offered to sing like a bird . . . Jake can offer him money too. Carmine isn’t interested, so Jake pulls his gat. 

Across town, Paulina pays Lani a visit. 

At the penthouse, MarDevil is out in all of her glory. She thinks Paulina is a fool to ignore her survival instincts. She’ll keep pushing until Paulina spills her secrets and all hell will break loose. 

Just then, the phone rings and MarDevil learns that Eli and Julie are at Bayview to see Doug, and Eli says it’s a police matter!

At University Hospital, John has lost all patience and jimmys the lock on her desk to retrieve the recorder. He crosses himself for forgiveness before he goes to hit play. Marlena begins to talk.

Across town, Gabi is really curious why Ben is now with her and Ciara, while Jake is absent. Ben explains that Jake had something to take care of while Gabi seems incredibly suspect. 

Back in the park, Carmine kind of giggles at Jake with his gun and calls him a pussy . . . cat. Carmine gets the better of Jake, grabs his gat, and starts threatening him. Just then, Abe walks up and wonders what the hell is going on. Carmine turns, points, and SHOOTS ABE as Jake screams NOOOOOO!

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