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Perkie's Observations: Nina Realizes Sonny Left Carly in The Dark on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for October 22, 2021
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Nina Reeves, General Hospital

On today's General Hospital recap: Both Sonny and Nina approach Ava about selling Charlie's. Nina tells Sonny she wants to buy it for Phyllis, which is also Sonny's plan. Nina says she'll bow out and have Sonny offer the deal to Phyllis.

Mr. Sheridan is interested in Michael's case and will let him know when things are set in motion. Willow arrives as he's leaving and is curious about their meeting. Michael says he's talking to the AG about charging Nina with fraud and identity theft. (Oy vey! I figured they would throw fraud out there, but identity theft? How does that work?)

Willow is upset with Michael, but he says it has nothing to do with Wiley. Willow accuses him of bribing the AG. Michael rants about Nina's actions and how poor widdle Carly was forced, FORCED I TELL YA, to step in for Sonny. Willow feels Michael is being cold and calculating, but he insists that Nina be held accountable.

Kevin tells Nikolas he spoke with Laura and she doesn't condone either of the Cassadines' actions.

Spencer goes over his plea choices with his defense attorney. Josslyn arrives and asks if anyone is forcing him, meaning Esme. Spencer tells them how Ava controls his money and if he takes their deal, the charges will go away. Josslyn advocates for Spencer doing what Nikolas and Ava want, but the boy is stubborn.

The judge asks for Spencer's plea as Ava arrives and takes her seat with Nikolas. Spencer pleads not guilty. The judge finds him a flight risk. Kevin says he and Laura will post his bail. Kevin says Spencer will be moving back in with him, which Esme loves. Kevin says Spencer needs to earn their support and needs to get a job.

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The doctor tells Anna the bullet that hit Valentin splintered apart and recommends he have surgery in the US. Anna sits at Valentin's bedside talking to him.

Robert interviews Victor and demands answers about Peter's whereabouts. Victor says he was forced to help Peter. He wants a deal in exchange for his information. Anna arrives and Victor tries to eek out a deal with her. Anna reminds him he kidnapped Robin, but Victor poo-poos that, no harm no foul. Victor says Anna has friends in high places and to get a deal or anything Peter does now is on her.

Robert heads to the hospital. Valentin wakes up he mentions Victor trying to make a deal with Anna. When Anna returns, Valentin tells her not to give in to Victor's demands. Anna says Peter has to be stopped and Victor knows where he is.

Sam and Dante are joined by Britt and Jason when they show up in Crete. Sam and Dante update Britt on the syringe they found in Liesl's cell, and figure she was drugged. Sam asks to speak privately with Jason and tells him they might not find Drew alive. Sam regrets not telling Jason sooner so he could have helped.

Sam mentions that Drew may be conditioned again. Jason says until they find a body, Drew could still be alive. Sam tells Dante there's nothing left for her to do in Crete and should go home to her kids. Dante offers to leave with her.

Britt questions whether Jason wants to leave, but he says they need to finish what they started and find Liesl. Jason says they're going to retrace Peter's steps and the two head to Liesl's cell.

Nina wonders why Carly hasn't confronted her yet about their relationship. Sonny says he and Carly are rebuilding their life together and doesn't want to make it worse. The police officers arrive to arrest Nina.

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