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Perkie's Observations: Nina Is Shocked By a Sudden Turn of Events on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for October 25, 2021
Cynthia Watros

Cynthia Watros

Britt's disappointed when they find no evidence leading them to Liesl, Peter, or Drew in the compound. Jason leaves her alone to take a call from Dante. An injured Russell tries to take Britt hostage, but Jason returns and gets the upper hand.

Britt patches Russell's wound then asks about Liesl, but paramedics show up and take Russell away. The police tell Britt and Jason to leave Crete and go home. Jason tells Britt they are going to continue to look for Liesl and decide to head to Cassadine Island. The bartender overhears and places a call to Nikolas.

Anna wakes Valentin up when he has a nightmare of Peter coming after his girls. Anna reassures him to calm him down. Anna apologizes for leaving Valentin alone, allowing him to be grabbed by Peter. The two make small talk about his girls and hold hands.

Gladys calls a Deception meeting at the PC Grill with Maxie, Brook Lynn, and Sasha. Gladys starts the recording on her phone to record the conversation to remember for later. Brook Lynn's not happy with Gladys and starts an argument. Gladys brings up Bailey. Sasha drags Gladys away to chastise her, leaving the phone sitting on the table.

At the table, Brook Lynn and Maxie talk about the baby then she gets a call from Valentin. He speaks with Brook Lynn about Bailey. Anna tells her he's been injured and on his way back to the States.

Gladys and Sasha leave the table again, and Brook Lynn tells Maxie that she's worried about Valentin when he finds out Bailey isn't his, which is all recorded on Gladys' phone. Later, when typing up her notes, Gladys hears the declaration.

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Scotty shows up at the PCPD to represent Nina at Ava's behest. Nina's worried she'll be extradited to Pennsylvania, but Scotty thinks that's the better option. He wants to get her out on bail to await trial, which he thinks will be more likely to happen if they aren't in a PC courtroom.

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Ava tells Nina that she cares about her, but to listen to Scotty because he's a shark. Both think Sonny was the one to turn her in. Ava says to use her relationship with "Mike" as ammunition if needed.

Michael wants Jax to atone for blackmailing him. Jax makes a comment about Nina and Michael questions whether Jax thinks she should get away with her crimes. Jax brings up Wiley and Michael asks why Nina kept him from his grandfather. Scotty calls Jax to come and help out with Nina.

Sonny tells Carly that Nina was arrested and questions if this was her doing. Sonny's not happy with it, pointing out about all the people "we" helped in Nixon Falls. Carly gets caught up on the word "we". Sonny mentions Nina helping out Phyllis and Lenny, but Carly still feels that Nina should pay for her crime.

Jax and the Corinthi head to the courthouse for the extradition hearing. Ava doesn't understand why Carly would take things this far. Michael says he was the one who called the authorities.

Scotty tells the judge that Nina's willing to be extradited to Pennsylvania, which the judge grants. Officers put Nina in handcuffs and lead her out as Carly looks on gleefully.

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