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Perkie's Observations: Michael's Legal Maneuver Antagonizes Sonny on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for October 26, 2021
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Sonny Corinthos, General Hospital

Maurice Benard

On today's General Hospital recap: Michael crows to his parents about taking the initiative in bringing Nina to justice. Sonny says Nina is sorry for her actions, but Michael doesn't agree. Michael says he wants Wiley protected and is surprised his parents didn't get this done first. Sonny looks like he lost his best friend.

Sonny admits he asked Carly not to go after Nina. Michael asks if Sonny has a problem with him reaching out to DA Sheridan and Sonny says he does. Michael explains he made a contribution to Sheridan's election campaign in exchange for the charges against Nina. Carly says it could be seen as a bribe, but Michael says it's legal.

Willow runs into Sasha and tells her she needs a break from Michael. Sasha wonders if it has to do with Nina's arrest. Willow says Michael was behind the arrest, which blindsided her. She doesn't understand why he went behind her back to reach out to DA Sheridan. Sasha doesn't think he meant to shut her out and tells Willow to talk to Michael.

Finn comes home to find Aiden and Liz hanging out with the always adorable Violet. The kids come across a photo of Liz and Jeff when she was a child. Aiden explains that it's Grandpa Jeff and Violet wants to meet her grandfather. Liz explains that Jeff is a busy doctor and unavailable. When she's alone, Liz rips up the photo.

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Spencer complains to Esme he's being forced into getting a job. Esme offers several suggestions but he poo-poos them all. Spencer thinks maybe Britt will hire him as her assistant. He gives her a call, but can't reach her. Cameron offers Spencer a job as a server, but Spencer turns him down. Esme chastises him, reminding him he has no choice. Cameron makes Spencer beg for the job.

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Austin tells Ned the ethics review committee still hasn't lifted his suspension. Ned wants to discuss Leo, but Austin is still angry with Brook Lynn. Ned asks for suggestions on getting Olivia to see beyond her denial.

Austin says a specialist needs to make a diagnosis and doesn't want to get involved. Ned begs for peace for Leo's sake. Austin can't get over what Brook Lynn did and won't forgive or forget. Eventually, Austin gives Ned the number of a specialist and tells him to get Olivia on board.

Brook Lynn lets Chase know that Austin is dropping his claim to ELQ. Brook Lynn tells him about maneuvering Austin into giving up his claim. Chase is not happy with her manipulations, but Brook says she did what was best for her family.

Gladys loves the fact that she has information to hold over Brook Lynn's head. She starts ordering things online and charges them to Brook Lynn's account. Brook Lynn confronts Gladys and threatens to fire her, but Gladys says she knows Valentin isn't the baby's father and plays the recording. 

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