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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Accuses Nikolas of Extortion on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for October 27, 2021
Nancy Lee Grahn

Nancy Lee Grahn

On today's General Hospital recap: TJ worries about Marshall, the patient he saw take off. He tells Curtis that something felt off. TJ wants to spend more time with Curtis, who figures TJ is feeling guilty about Shawn's release. Curtis promises they have their own relationship.

Portia runs into Marshall, who claims he's new in town and asks about local attractions. Marshall wonders about The Savoy and seems quite interested in Curtis, so Portia makes her excuses and leaves.

Portia runs into Curtis and TJ at the gym. TJ mentions the patient ghosting him and how he was asking questions about Curtis. Portia tells Curtis about her own run in with the random man.

Michael wonders why Willow is upset. She says there is a breakdown in communication and explains they aren't on the same page about Nina. Willow accuses Michael of not being honest with her. She says he did it because he thought she wouldn't approve.

Michael admits he's more guarded now, but stands by his actions of having Nina arrested. Willow says she would have had his back if he didn't keep it a secret and doesn't want a division between them. Michael agrees, then gets down on one knee and proposes.

Ava's surprised to see Nina back in town so quickly Nina says she was released on bail, and had to give up her passport. She just wants to get back to work.

Joss asks Jax how he is after Nina's arrest. The two are surprised to see Nina who explains that she was released on bail. Joss gets her panties in a bunch before storming off. Jax questions why Nina is keeping "Mike" a secret. Nina says Sonny isn't the man she fell in love with.

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Jax thinks Nina should have consulted a lawyer before coming back to town. Nina says Jax needs to stop trying to save her. She says she needs to take full ownership of her actions in order to move forward. Nina asks if he's planning on telling Carly about her and "Mike". Jax promises that Carly won't hear anything from him.

Spencer's thrilled when Molly pops into Kelly's and the two get caught up. Molly and Shawn talk about the justice system. Shawn mentions Hayden's case and Molly says she's behind him in his pursuit.

Josslyn shows up, thrilled to see Spencer working. Shawn asks about the trouble with the Cassadines and Molly explains what happened between Spencer and Nikolas.

Nikolas pays Alexis a visit. She questions him about Hayden and says she wants the truth from him. Alexis asks point-blank if he hired the hitman who shot Hayden. Nikolas is insulted, but Alexis pushes the issue. Nikolas tells her to let it go and he is trying to secure her release.

Nikolas says he spoke to the Attorney General. He asked for a pardon based on her work in shining the light on racist Judge Carson. Alexis gets angry and calls it extortion, her silence about Hayden for her release. Nikolas leaves as Shawn arrives and asks if she got any information from Nikolas.

Carly's happy to see Sonny and Avery having a moment talking about Halloween. Ava stops over to give Sonny the ownership papers for Charlie's. Carly is surprised at how fast it was. Ava mentions the bidding war and makes a dig at how Sonny hasn't told Carly.

Sonny gets a collect call from Cyrus in prison.

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