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Days of Our Lives Recap: EJ and Nicole Conclude Their Hostile Date With a Passionate Kiss

Days of Our Lives Recap For October 27, 2021
Dan Feuerriegel, Arianne Zucker

Dan Feuerriegel, Arianne Zucker

We begin our day in Salem with Brady rambling alone about Philip thinking he slept with Chloe. He goes to find his phone just as Kristen sneaks in. She somehow creeps into Rachel’s room without being discovered. 

At Julie’s Place, Victor is sitting with a drink when he gets a call from Melinda Trask. She is checking in on the whereabouts of Kristen. 

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole arrives to tell EJ she will have dinner with him, which prompts a flashback to his earlier interaction with Kristen.

Like sands through the hour glass . . . 

At the Salem Inn, Philip has come-a-callin' on Chloe. She wonders how he knew where she was. Just then, her phone rings, she sees it's Brady and ignores it. 

Brady leaves her a message that Lucas let him in on the fact that Philip actually thinks they slept together. 

Next thing you know, Chloe and Philip are eating dinner and kissing and being adorable. Philip wants to enjoy dessert in bed, but Chloe is tired because she stayed up so late the night before. 

Meanwhile, Victor is wondering why Melinda is questioning his ability to track down Kristen. Melinda reminds him of their deal to drop charges against Justin in exchange for Kristen. Victor assures her everything will be okay because Steve Johnson is on the case. 

Side Note: Umm . . . 

Just then, Jack walks up and wonders what is going on. Victor threatens to have him arrested for eavesdropping. Jack heard that Melinda is considering dropping the charges against Justin. Why would she do that? 

Victor and Jack discuss his deal with Melinda. Jack is aghast to learn he is making deals for everyone except Gwen and Bonnie. Two Kiriakis men love those women very much. Victor thinks they will get over it. Jack says they are all in it together. Everyone gets out of jail or no one does.

Jack thinks Victor needs to rethink his actions. Victor thinks Jack needs to get lost. Jack thinks all of this is about money and Victor assures him he doesn’t owe Melinda a damn dime. 

Melinda heads back into the holding area where Xander always is and tells him Victor has yet to come through. In the meantime, Gwen is there to see him. Melinda leaves them alone for exactly 30 minutes, but NO TOUCHING! 

Gwen and Xander go over the same thing again that she wants to confess so he can go free. Jack is off trying to talk to the DA right now.

Side Note: Except Melinda escorted Gwen in, and Jack is with Victor.

Xander explains that Victor has worked a deal with Melinda. Gwen is skeptical because Victor would never save her or Bonnie. Also, why would Melinda let everyone go? Xander follows up by admitting he told Justin that Gwen wasn’t a sex worker. 

Side Note: Sooooo many secrets flying around. The more people find out the more likely we get to watch a beautiful MESS!

Back in apparently one of the many rooms in John and Marlena’s penthouse, Rachel has awakened to be reunited with her mother. Kristen tries to explain to her that her visit is just their little secret. While they are catching up, little Rachel informs Kristen she went to the pumpkin patch with daddy and Chloe! Kristen thinks it’s time they took a trip of their own. They go to leave and run smack into Steve. 

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole tells EJ how worried she is about Abe. EJ thinks sending her love to Abe will make all the difference. 

Nicole is surprised they are dining on wine and pizza. She doesn’t mind it, but wonders why it isn’t a nine course meal. EJ says he likes to be surprising sometimes - it makes it harder for those close to him to betray him. 

Nicole wonders if Samantha Gene has been in touch since he is discussing loved ones and betrayal. They quickly change topics because EJ is wondering about Steve and Kayla’s ridiculousness from the night before. He thinks Kayla was a diversion so Steve could tamper with his phone. Nicole wonders why and EJ says it is all about Kristen. EJ is totally wondering if Nicole was involved with Steve and Kayla’s folly. Nicole looks guilty as she admits she let Steve hack into his phone.

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Side Note: Did you love how Nicole looked EJ in the eyes and made her admission? It was like she was daring him to say ANYTHING! This is the Nicole I know and love.

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EJ has words for Nicole. He is livid. She says she is sorry for going behind EJ’s back, but is NOT sorry for helping Steve find Kristen. EJ understands her hatred for Kristen, but she must understand the pain of living without her child. Nicole feels badly for Rachel, but not so much for Kristen. 

Nicole reminds EJ that Kristen pretended to be her when she conceived Rachel. She held Holly hostage AND made everyone think she died in an explosion. 

Side Note: You know, when you say it all out loud like that.

EJ and Nicole calm down and take a seat while they both admit to understanding the others’ position. They are going to agree to disagree. EJ has a special place in his heart for Kristen. It’s because of her that he was saved from a life time of embarrassment with Samantha Gene. Nicole wonders why he is still wearing his wedding ring. 

Nicole wants EJ to admit if he still has feelings for Samantha Gene. He assures her the ring can go, except it’s stuck. Nicole and her greasy pizza fingers is gonna help him out, whilst they stare longingly into each other’s eyes. 

At the penthouse, Brady stumbles back into the room while Steve is stopping Kristen from fleeing with Rachel. Brady shockingly, wants to know what’s going on. Steve waves him away and tells him to put Rachel to bed. He and Kristen need to discuss grown folks’ business. 

Steve fills Kristen in on how Victor hired him to locate her. Kristen reminds Steve he isn’t a cop. Steve reminds her things can be easy or difficult. Kristen reminds him that she is KRISTEN DIMERA . . . her middle name is difficult. 

Brady returns and Kristen has to return to being simple. She explains she is all alone and needed to see her daughter. Brady says all of this is her own fault. Kristen is getting angry and thinks Brady is being cruel. Steve is ready to cart her off to jail. Kristen tells Brady that Victor is responsible for Steve’s presence. Steve confirms Kristen’s words for Brady. 

Brady tells Kristen he can’t possibly stop Steve from taking her away. He must comfort Rachel and she must go. Kristen is distraught that Brady won’t save her . . . maybe it’s about Chloe. Does Brady want that “whore” to be Rachel’s new mommy? As she screams, Steve escorts her out of the penthouse. 

We begin the ending of our day in Salem with Nicole still messing with EJ’s fingers. She has removed the ring and briefly enjoyed the spark from their hand holding. Nicole gets up to leave because she wants to tuck Holly in. 

Side Note: Sure, Nicole. 

As Nicole goes to exit, EJ wants to kiss and make up. Which they do . . . they really do. Nicole is flustered and takes her leave. 

Side Note: That kiss! Holy chemistry, batman! 

At the Salem Inn, Chloe takes a rain check and promises they will talk tomorrow. Philip smooches Chloe and makes his exit . . . and outside nods as if he knows the score. 

Inside the room, Chloe gets Brady’s message and realizes why Philip was being all Philip. 

At the penthouse, Brady rubs Rachel’s sleeping head while explaining to her how mommy had to go away. He however, will always be there for her. 

At the Salem PD, Xander is being all snarky about Melinda. How does she get to treat them like this? She doesn’t have to play mind games. Gwen wants Xander to calm down, but thinks Melinda may have overheard their discussion. Xander assures her that everything will be okay. 

At Julie’s Place, Jack puts two and two together, and realizes Victor is trading Kristen for Justin and Xander’s freedom. Victor tries to get Jack on board by reminding him that Haley was not only Melinda’s daughter but JJ’s main squeeze. 

Victor follows up by telling Jack this case will also be a nice payday for his brother, Steve. 

Across town, Steve walks into the Salem PD, much to the delight of Melinda. She assumes Steve is there because he has found Kristen. He assures her has, but will only give her up if Melinda drops the charges against Bonnie and Gwen. 

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