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Abby Huntsman on The View Stint: "Unbearable Culture by The End"

Abby Huntsman

Abby Huntsman is joining her conservative sister, friend, and former co-host Meghan McCain, along with Candace Cameron Bure, on speaking out about the real reason she departed from The View. In her new podcast, "I Wish Somebody Told Me," Huntsman, who joined the show in 2018 and left in 2020, explained that, while she did leave the long-running talk show to help her dad, former U.S. Sen. and ambassador Jon Huntsman Jr.'s failed bid to become Governor of Utah, she said it was also a "great way out."

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On the podcast, Huntsman stated:

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I knew the show did not reflect my values. When I say that, I mean rewarding people for bad behavior. At that time, there were executives in charge, and that I did feel that we were kind of players in that game and it was about money, and it was about ratings and the tabloids.

According to Huntsman, she tried to tell the show's executives how she felt but got "blank stares" and remarks about how "lucky" she was to have a seat at the table. Huntsman claimed when she realized her concerns fell on deaf ears; she decided she needed to leave on her to "save" her mental health. Huntsman stated:

They wanted me to wait a month, and I said, 'I'm out of here Friday.' It was just an unbearable culture by the end.

What does The View have to say about her remarks? In a statement to USA Today, a spokesperson said: 

Twenty-two incredible women have had a seat on the panel and have worked in collaboration with the dedicated group of professionals on our staff. Abby will always remain a part of The View family and we look forward to continuing the conversation with her when she visits next month.