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Adam Brody Doesn't Think an O.C. Reboot Would Work in a Post Trump Era

The O.C.

Don't count on a remake and reboot of The O.C. on the horizon; it just isn't in the cards, according to the show's former star Adam Brody. On Tuesday, Brody, joined his former co-stars and hosts of the podcast, "Welcome to the O.C., Bitches!" Rachel Bilson (who played diva Summer Roberts and Brody's onscreen love) and Melinda Clarke (who played scheming vixen Julie Cooper). The trio talked about whether or not they thought the show would have a revival, and Brody, who played fan-favorite Seth Cohen on the series for four seasons, from 2003-2007, revealed he didn't know it would be possible due to the climate of today's society. Brody stated:

I kind of don’t think it can be done because socially we’re in a different place and we’re in a more conscious place. While The O.C. claims to be — in a similar sense as a Gossip Girl— while it would sort of say it’s a critique, it’s not. It’s a celebration — it’s a celebration of affluence in my opinion.

Brody explained today's television audience wanted more highbrow content in a society that has an intense political climate currently. According to Brody:

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For me, in a post-Donald Trump America to go, ‘Let’s go back to Orange County,’ I feel like you have to have a real reckoning politically and socially, and is that what people want to see with this show? I don’t know. And is there a way to do both? There is, I suppose, but in my eyes, I probably want to torch it more than the fans would want.

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