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Perkie's Observations: Cyrus Reaches Out to Sonny From Behind Bars on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for October 28, 2021
Jeff Kober

Jeff Kober

On today's General Hospital recap: Sonny questions what Cyrus wants with him. Cyrus taunts him about Jason and Carly's marriage. Sonny counters with the death of Novak and Buschema. Cyrus says he wants to see Sonny in person, but Sonny's not interested.

Willow answers Michael's proposal with a, "Not yet." She says she wants it to be about sharing their love and not mending fences. Michael claims it isn't about that, but Willow finds it all a little suspect. She says his first instinct is to fix things and promises she'll say yes someday.

Alexis tells Shawn about Nikolas' proposition of getting a full pardon from the Governor. Alexis says Nikolas evaded the question of Hayden's shooting. She's certain that Nikolas was the one who had Hayden killed and has gone bad. Shawn tells her to take the deal.

Alexis says she actually did the crime she's in jail for and believes she deserves to do the time. She tells Shawn to help her bring Nikolas to justice. Shawn thinks of Spencer and believes he has a plan.

Portia tells Curtis about the strange conversation with the man, who she believes was also the patient who ran out on TJ. Curtis finds it suspicious this man approached two people in his life. Portia wonders if it could be someone from his past that Curtis had arrested.

Sonny finds Portia and Curtis, and tells them about Cyrus' phone call. He asks what happened the night Cyrus took them hostage, and they fill him in. After Sonny leaves, Portia and Curtis question the coincidence of Cyrus reaching out at the same time that someone's inquiring about Curtis.

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Nikolas and Ava are surprised to see Spencer working at Kelly's. He angrily complains to Esme and she recommends that Spencer start mending fences. Spencer says it means making nice with Ava and he refuses. Esme says that's playing into Ava's plans, but offers to speak with Ava.

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Nikolas tells Spencer this isn't the life he was meant to have, but Spencer blames this life on his father and Ava. Nikolas says he can't change what he did, but can help going forward. He wants Spencer to stop sabotaging himself and ruining his life. Spencer tells Nikolas to cut Ava out of his life.

Esme apologizes to Ava for her part in what happened to her. Esme says what Spencer did was wrong and she should have talked him out of it. Ava wonders why she didn't. Esme paints a pretty picture of her bond with Spencer and how she empathized with him over his feelings about Nikolas and Ava.

Esme says she understands now that Spencer was lashing out and didn't see what he was putting Ava through. She swears she would do anything to take her actions back and make amends. Ava agrees to start fresh and asks Esme to help Spencer see the light, but also warns Esme not to cross her again. Spencer angrily tells Esme that Nikolas needs a wakeup call.

Carly is outraged that Nina is back in town like nothing happened. Nina counters with a Nelle reference and how Carly let her die. Carly says Nina kidnapped Sonny, then played the victim. Carly tells her to plead insanity.

Carly says justice is coming, and Nina will be tried and convicted. Nina claims the DA is trying to create a new law called identity fraud. Nina says her lawyer will claim she was protecting Sonny and he was better off in Nixon Falls.

Nina rubs it in that Carly spent months not knowing what Sonny was up to and how much that bothers her. She says Carly is using Michael to do her dirty work, will never get those months back, and is only hurting herself.

Sonny interrupts and after Nina leaves. Carly tells him that Nina's in her face and she's going to take her on. (*Number of times someone said NINE MONTHS=2. They even have Nina saying it now. Nina knows how long she knew Sonny was alive and it wasn't nine months, show.)

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