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How Does General Hospital's Trina Help Spencer Be His "Best Self"? Nicholas Chavez Answers

Trina Spencer

General Hospital's Spencer (Nicholas Chavez) is currently involved in some complex family and romantic entanglements. Chavez chatted with TV Insider about Spencer seeking a second chance after stalking his stepmom Ava (Maura West); he also dished on the young prince's bonds with the ladies of Port Charles, including Trina (Sydney Mikayla).

Chavez said of Spencer's possible redemption:

My acting coach, Holly Gagnier [ex-Ivy, Days of our Lives; ex-Jennifer, GH] and I talk about this all the time. We talk about how Spencer becomes his ‘best self’ whenever he’s around Trina [Sydney Mikayla]. That is due to a lot of different factors. The first time Trina met Spencer, she liked him and that wasn’t because of his money or his status — she didn’t know who he was. That gave him a confidence boost.

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Also, Trina has given Spencer advice that he couldn’t get anywhere else. She gives it to him straight. Nobody else really does that. And there’s a deep, deep physical attraction, too. Spencer thinks Trina is pretty and he wants to impress her. It’s a combination of those three major things and a lot of other stuff.

Is there a possibility that Spencer could be paired with his onetime stepmom-to-be, Britt (Kelly Thiebaud)? Chavez answered:

Yeah, sure, of course. I think what makes a soap so great is that anything is possible. Anything can happen at any time. I think that the Britt thing [with Spencer] would be actually very, very interesting. She is a motherly figure to Spencer and Spencer never had a mother. There would be a deep Freudian aspect to that relationship. It could make for some compelling television.