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Variety on Judy Justice: "Effectively Serves as 26th Season of Judge Judy"

Judge Judith Sheindlin, Judy Justice

Are you missing Judge Judy? Never fear. According to VarietyJudy Justice continues the recently-wrapped courtroom show's legacy and keeps Judith "Judge Judy" Sheindlin's "role as ringleader" at the center.

Critic Daniel D'Addario opined:

The show, but for its title and some shifts on the margins, effectively serves as the 26th season of 'Judge Judy.' But it’s made to exist on streaming, as part of Amazon’s ad-supported IMDb TV platform. It’s hard to imagine anything with less viral potential than Judy Sheindlin taking someone to task: To have watched television before is to be well-acquainted with the beats of this routine.

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Judy Justice does tackle some contemporary issues, he added:

It's perhaps worth noting that the new series gestures towards the present day by featuring a conflict between a young gig-economy worker whose anxiety was triggered when another woman came unduly close to her, prompting the first individual to call the second a 'Karen.' And multiple cases involve individuals who cannot communicate due to social-media blocks. 

But there is plenty of continuity between previous and current show. D'Addario shared:

There is, evidently, a wellspring of people willing to submit to Sheindlin’s arbitration and get on camera. These people speak out of turn to attempt to make themselves heard, the thing that most especially sends Sheindlin over the edge. Sheindlin’s umbrage at individuals squabbling over a couple of thousand dollars rankles, a bit. And it’s familiar enough — with the point that Sheindlin cannot suffer fools having been very amply made at this point — that 'Judy Justice’s' existence on streaming comes to feel deeply strange.