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Perkie's Observations: Spencer Gets Intel to Use Against Nikolas on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for October 29, 2021
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Spencer Cassadine, General Hospital

Nicholas Chavez

On today's General Hospital recap: Anna, who's back in Port Charles, runs into Finn and updates him on Peter's case. Anna figures he'll get desperate, make mistakes, and get caught. Finn wishes he had killed Peter after all, but Anna wouldn't wish the guilt on him.

Austin tells Valentin he's given up his claim to ELQ, thanks to Brook Lynn. He says he doesn't want anything to do with the Quartermaines. Brook Lynn takes Charlotte to visit Valentin. Charlotte and Valentin catch up with each other. She mentions Brook Lynn visiting with Chase, which Valentin is fine with.

Gladys takes a spa day and pays for it with Brook Lynn's corporate card, which irritates Maxie and Sasha. Neither believe that Brook Lynn has allowed Gladys to do this and Maxie tells her to get back to work.

Spencer and Nikolas continue to snipe at each other while Shawn watches from the sidelines. Nikolas mentions having problems with former Cassadine property in Greece and wants to discuss it with Valentin.

Liz checks in with Finn, who reassures her that Anna is still after Peter. Finn apologizes for pushing her about her father. Liz says she doesn't have a close relationship with Jeff. Finn asks about the photo saying Violet wants to see it again, but Liz lies and says she doesn't know where it is.

Shawn talks to Spencer, who says his father has given up on him. Shawn doesn't agree and thinks Spencer would be the person who Nikolas would confide in. Shawn mentions Hayden and how Spencer can help him bring her shooter to justice. He says Nikolas hired someone to do the shooting.

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Spencer asks about proof, but Shawn says they need his help to get it. Shawn asks him to do it for Violet, but Spencer says Nikolas won't confess to him. Spencer doesn't want to get involved, but changes his mind.

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Anna runs into Nikolas and asks about the property in Crete, but he's not forthcoming. He asks about seeing Valentin, but Anna says visitors are limited. Anna tells Nikolas that Victor is alive and in custody, then explains how he stayed hidden with someone's help, which makes Ava suspicious.

Ava wonders what Nikolas is hiding. Nikolas admits Victor was the one who found him after Valentin shot him. Nikolas says he made a deal with Victor to help him hide out, but swears he had nothing to do with Peter. Ava worries that Victor will out Nikolas in exchange for his freedom.

Gladys hears about Valentin's shooting and heads to the hospital to visit with him. The two make small talk until he questions why she's there to see him.

Maxie checks in with Austin, who doesn't understand her friendship with Brook Lynn. He says Brook Lynn has issued a retraction, but he hasn't been given back his privileges as of yet. He swears this isn't over. Brook Lynn shows up and Maxie tells her about Gladys using the corporate card. Austin tells Brook Lynn that Gladys was looking for Valentin.

Spencer confronts Nikolas about Hayden.

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