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Perkie's Observations: Jason Comes Face to Face With Peter on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 1, 2021
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Jason Morgan, General Hospital

Steve Burton

On today's General Hospital recap: Sonny tells Carly that Cyrus wanted Sonny to visit him in prison. The two are surprised, but happy to see Dante with Sam. Sam and Dante give Carly and Sonny an update that Drew's still alive, and what happened with them in Greece.

Sonny and Dante discuss Cyrus, and Sonny wonders if there is movement from Cyrus' people. Sonny asks about Sam and Dante admits their relationship is new. Carly and Sonny give their blessing to Sam and Dante. Sonny tells Carly he'll visit Cyrus in prison.

Shawn gets Spinelli to eavesdrop on Spencer and Nikolas' conversation. Spencer says he liked Hayden and doesn't understand why anyone would want her dead. Nikolas says she made enemies, but claims he didn't want her dead. Nikolas wonders why Spencer is looking for information. Spencer says Shawn was imprisoned for Hayden's shooting and wants Nikolas that he shot her.

Nikolas says Hayden is alive and her shooting doesn't matter anymore. Spencer wants honesty and asks if Nikolas arranged to have Hayden killed. Nikolas says there is no proof and tells him to let it go. Spencer continues to push and demands to know why Nikolas wanted Hayden dead.

Nikolas says whoever told Spencer about this is trying to drive a wedge between them. Shawn walks up and says he was the one who spoke with Spencer. Nikolas wonders why Spencer would want him to incriminate himself. Spencer claims he thought Nikolas would deny it, but he didn't.

Valentin wants to know what secret Gladys has for him. Brook Lynn is upset to hear that Gladys wants to speak with Valentin. She heads to his room and drags her out. Gladys admits to Brook Lynn that she was going to tell Valentin the truth about Bailey's parentage.

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Brook Lynn says Gladys will lose her leverage if she tells Valentin anything, but Gladys warns Brook Lynn to give her what she wants, or else. Gladys wants a payout, so Brook Lynn gives her a personal credit card.

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Maxie asks Austin why he's continuing his battle with Brook Lynn. Austin wonders if Maxie is truly concerned or in cahoots with Brook Lynn. Maxie says she thinks Austin is better as a doctor and wouldn't be happy squabbling with the Quartermaines. Maxie says she hates being stuck in the middle.

Brook Lynn goes back to check in with Valentin and complains about Gladys. She says she's keeping Gladys on at Deception as a favor for Sasha. Valentin praises Brook Lynn.

Austin runs into Gladys and asks how she knows Valentin. Gladys claims they share distant family ties.

Brook Lynn tells Maxie that Gladys knows Bailey isn't Valentin's daughter. Maxie gets freaked out and worried it will lead to Peter the truth. Maxie agrees that Gladys needs to be stopped.

Jason and Britt make their way by water onto Cassadine Island. The two hideout in an abandoned boathouse. Jason says once they find Liesl, they'll need to move fast to get off the island. Jason heads out on his own to look for Liesl, leaving Britt in the boathouse by herself with a dart gun.

Liesl regains consciousness in a lab on Cassadine Island and tells Peter she knows he's reactivated Drew. Liesl asks where Victor is, but Peter says he's no longer available to protect her. Peter admits he's keeping Liesl alive to help him win Maxie back. Peter says he wants Liesl to convince Maxie to take him back. Liesl says Maxie will be suspicious. Liesl grabs a beaker with chemicals in it and tosses it at Peter. It burns his arm, allowing her to escape.

Liesl makes her way to the boathouse and Britt accidentally shoots her with the dart gun.


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