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Days of Our Lives Recap: MarDevil Raises The Dead to Wreak Havoc in Salem

Days of Our Lives Recap For November 1, 2021
Dr. Marlena Evans, Days of Our Lives

Deidre Hall

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Abe in his hospital bed and Nicole coming in to visit.

Side Note: I love Abe and Nicole.

Nicole heard he is engaged to Paulina and Abe confirms he is SO happy. He is also thrilled to see Nicole. She was so scared for him. Nicole thinks Jake shot him, but Abe puts that misinformation to rest.

At the Salem PD, Gabi, and Rafe head in to see Jake and tell him the good news that Abe has cleared him. In addition, Abe overheard Carmine say that Jake didn’t kill the other guy he was accused of doing away with.

Over at Chez Hernandez, a pale Carmine bursts in to confront Ava about his current situation. He wants five star accommodations or he’ll make sure Ava serves time with him.

Back at University Hospital, Tripp is asking Allie to take a ghost tour in the cemetery. Allie is fine with it since Halloween is no different than any other night.

In the cemetery, MarDevil thinks she needs to make Allie a believer in the Devil’s powers. She asks Charlie Dale to rise up from the dead and let Allie know her powers are real. Just then, a hand arises from the dirt and a very undead Charlie is resurrected. He cracks his neck and tells MarDevil he’s at her command.

Like sands through the demonic hour glass . . . 

At the Salem PD, Gabi really wants to know why Rafe isn’t releasing Jake. Rafe lets him know the DA is going to be interested that Jake took a firearm into the park.

Side Note: When did carrying a gun in that crowded park become a punishable crime?

Gabi is LIVID that Rafe isn’t questioning Ava about Carmine. Gabi wonders why he doesn’t have that “bitch” under better control. Gabi reveals EVERYTHING about Ava and Philip’s plans to take them down and run GabiChic. Jake confirms Gabi’s words, strangely, Rafe doesn’t trust what they are saying.

Back at Chez Hernandez, Carmine thinks it is smart that Ava is cozying up to the police chief. Ava think it is very interesting that Carmine is threatening her. Carmine says he isn’t scared of her, and Ava reminds him that he better be.

In Horton Square, Allie tells Tripp that she is too creeped out to go to the cemetery. Tripp says they can figure out something else to do. Allie is a wee upset with him because he thinks Chanel and Tripp were talking about her. Tripp admits she’s right. He thinks he loves her more than she cares about him.

Meanwhile, MarDevil tells undead Charlie that little Allie Horton needs to be taught a lesson and he should get to it. Not so fast though, MarDevil wants to be thanked for bringing him back. Charlie Dale thanks MarDevil and heads into town to wreak some havoc.

At University Hospital, Abe and Nicole are apologizing to each other for not staying in touch. They are reviewing the events that led to her impending divorce from Eric. Nicole is trying to find a way to forgive herself so she can move on. Nicole tells Abe that she is seeing EJ and Abe is not thrilled. Nicole explains that EJ is pursuing her and he is helping her to forget, but just as Nicole is about to tell him, Rafe arrives to get Abe to sign his statement. Abe is getting sleepy and Nicole and Rafe make their exits.

Back at Chez Hernandez, Ava has had enough of Carmine’s foolishness when he grabs a wash rag to try and choke her to death. Just then, a very undead Charlie Dale arrives and stabs Carmine in the chest and announces to a very shocked Ava that he is home.

She doesn’t understand how he is there because he is dead. Charlie explains he is actually undead and wants her to thank him. She does as she backs away quickly. He goes on to say he can’t do anything to win her love and she will never love him like her beloved Tripp. He grabs a knife to send her to hell and Ava pushes him down and runs out the door.

Side Note: Smart woman . . . 

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At the Salem PD, Gabi continues to rant that she doesn’t understand why Rafe isn’t helping them. Jake is being logical and says that it’s understandable why he was arrested. Gabi goes on to say that he could never kill anyone unlike her. She has killed Nick Fallon not once, but twice!

In the cemetery, MarDevil has also raised Nick Fallon from the dead. They get a little frisky with one another, and MarDevil lays a huge kiss on adorable, undead Nick. He wonders what MarDevil wants him to do. Nick wants to avenge his death. MarDevil is just giddy to see him work his magic. She thinks Gabi is okay as long as she is doing the devil’s bidding, but is willing to let her die as long as Nick kills someone else.

At University Hospital, Nicole and Rafe share a cup of coffee in the lobby. They are going on and on about how they shouldn’t be around each other blah, blah, blah. Rafe actually has some substantive questions about Ava. He wonders if Ava ever told her the Vitali crime family was actually still a presence in her life. Rafe explains to Nicole what Gabi told her about Ava and Philip’s plan. He thinks he’s been a damned fool.

Side Note: Just this once, Rafe?

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In Horton Square, Allie and Tripp are still talking about their seemingly ill-fated relationship when he gets a call. It’s Ava and she needs his help.

Back in the cemetery, Nick is trying to understand his assignment. MarDevil just needs Nick to wreak as much havoc as possible. MarDevil consults Nick to figure out who else she should make undead to complete her reign of terror. She’s tired of talking and sends Nick off to “go make evil.” MarDevil looks at the different graves and thinks that she’ll raise Deimos Kiriakis to help carry out her plans. Cue undead Deimos.

MarDevil feels a certain energy radiating from undead Deimos. He says he is missing his heart. MarDevil rips his shirt open and shows him where she left her mark. MarDevil “deputizes” him to go forth and right all the wrongs done to him, starting with Nicole Walker. She says it’s a pity. Nicole used to be the Devil’s child until she fell in love. However Eric left her, making Nicole ripe for the picking.

We begin the ending of our day in Salem with Rafe and Nicole ending their conversation at the hospital. Nicole explains she has heard nothing from Ava. She also has no information about Philip since he’s too busy being at war with Brady over Chloe Lane. Rafe is going to go find Ava, but before he leaves they both get all ooey gooey with each other. Nicole says she is going to the office to work and be alone. Rafe thinks she should find some peace and quiet there.

Side Note: I’m guessing that’s a no.

In Horton Square, Ava explains to Tripp that she needs him to meet her at the pub, leaving Allie alone.

At the Salem PD, Gabi and Jake are finishing up as an undead Nick watches.

In the cemetery, MarDevil pets the grave of Tom Horton and says he and Alice must be so proud that Nick is back wreaking havoc in their precious town. Maybe she’ll raise them up for a family reunion…

Back at Chez Hernandez, Rafe walks in to find a very dead Carmine lying on the kitchen floor.

Outside the Brady Pub, Ava tries to explain to Tripp how it’s possible that she just saw Charlie Dale.

Across town, Allie is wondering why the trick or treaters are so aggressively banging on the door. She opens it to find a very undead Charlie Dale who says he’s there for a “trick”.

Nicole has made her way very quickly across town to Basic Black where she is working away on her computer. She opens a drawer to find THAT DAMNED BEAR.

Side Note: Is there a wood chipper in Salem?

As Nicole talks to THAT DAMNED BEAR, she suddenly hears a voice saying that the talking to oneself is the first sign of insanity. She looks up, sees a very undead Deimos, and falls out of her chair.

In the park, Gabi is talking on the phone with Arianna Grace. She’s too busy because she’s at a party. Gabi asks to talk to Will and they chat about how grown up their daughter is. She’ll be visiting very soon. Gabi feels like something is really wrong - like someone just walked over her grave. She turns and sees a very undead Nick. 

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