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Perkie’s Observations: Spencer Turns to a Wary Trina For Advice on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 2, 2021
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Spencer Cassadine, General Hospital

Nicholas Chavez

On today's General Hospital recap: Liesl is thrilled to see Britt, who promises she won't let her mother die. Britt pushes the spear through and out the other side. Liesl is thrilled to hear that Britt came with Jason, but Britt's quick to say there's nothing romantic between them. Britt says she refuses to come second to Carly.

Peter figures Jason wants something from him, or he'd already be dead. Jason says he wants Liesl alive, but Peter says she escaped and doesn't know where she is. Jason gets Peter to redirect his guards.

Alexis complains to Harmony about the current Cassadine situation. She says she was dead wrong about Nikolas. Harmony reminds her that Nikolas went up against Cyrus for her. Alexis tells her about the full pardon and Harmony wonders why she's not taking the deal. 

Harmony thinks Alexis may want to stay at Spring Ridge because it's comfortable and she knows what to expect. Alexis admits it will be difficult for her to leave since she has no job or a loved one, and access to alcohol. Harmony commiserates, but Alexis decides she won't take Nikolas’ deal. 

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Nikolas and Shawn argue. Shawn claims Nikolas let him take the fall for a crime he didn't commit and Spencer's seeing the truth. Nikolas reminds Shawn he was at that garage to kill Drew on Sonny's orders. Shawn says he paid for his crimes as well as Nikolas'. He says Hayden is entitled to justice.

Nikolas realizes that Shawn has no proof against him and admits that Hayden has always known who had her shot. Nikolas says Hayden was going to profit from his return because they were working together and he can help Shawn move forward.

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Nikolas wonders what Shawn wants and he says Nikolas stole six years of time from him. Nikolas advises him to focus on his time with TJ now, then tells Shawn to name a figure in order to move on. He offers $500,000, but Shawn turns it down. Nikolas continues to press, telling Shawn he won't get justice legally or from Hayden, and to just name his price. 

Spencer heads to the gallery to see Trina to complain about his lot in life. Trina reminds him he has a girlfriend to talk to, but Spencer says Esme's busy with her internship at Spring Ridge. He says he needs a friend to talk to.

Trina doesn't trust him, but Spencer swears he wouldn't hurt her. He claims to be disappointed in Nikolas and he's never known him. Trina wonders if Spencer is just lying to her, but he denies it. Spencer says he wants honesty from her and Trina says he needs to prove himself with his actions. Spencer says he wants to earn her respect and Trina tells him to go back to the job and to associate with better people.

Cameron complains to Josslyn that Spencer left in the middle of his first shift and is angry about it. Esme shows up and is surprised to hear that Spencer quit. She tells them that Nikolas and Ava showed up, and embarrassed Spencer.

Esme defends Spencer, claiming he feels isolated, alone, and facing jail time. She thinks they should all go on a road trip together to get away. Esme notices Jam are uncomfortable about time alone and questions Joss' sex life.

Josslyn says they aren't friends and warns her to mind her own business. Esme gives a fake apology before leaving. Cameron and Josslyn share a kiss, as Spencer runs back in apologizing for taking off. Cameron says Spencer blew his chance and is fired. Spencer swears he needs the job so Cameron accepts him back.

Jason drags Peter to the boathouse only to find Drew holding the women hostage. Peter says Drew has been conditioned to save him, and if Jason kills him, Drew will kill Britt. Jason and Drew are at a standoff. Britt insists Jason take the shot but Jason decides to save Britt and drops his gun.

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