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Days of Our Lives Recap: Salem's Zombies Want to Exact Revenge From Their Killers

Days of Our Lives Recap for November 2, 2021
Nick Fallon, Days of Our Lives

Blake Berris

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: Nicole is at work. She’s distracted by THAT DAMN BEAR before she gets interrupted by Zombie Deimos, then falls off her chair. Deimos comes to Nicole and tells her she murdered him. Nicole questions why he’s there, but as you know, they have unfinished business.

Gabi is just as stunned by the appearance of Zombie Nick, who asks how she’s doing. He tells her he misses her soft and gentle voice. Gabi still thinks she dreaming, even when he presses his fingers to her lips. Nick tells her she’s not dreaming, but is in fact, her worst nightmare. Nick taunts her about the time he died when Gabi killed him. Cue flashback to Gabi smacking him with the rock before tossing him into the river.

Tripp catches up with Ava, who's pacing in front of the Brady Pub. Ava explains what happened with Charlie, but Tripp reminds her he’s dead. Ava claims Charlie killed someone right in front of her.

Tripp tells Ava it’s not possible that Charlie’s alive. Ava is very dodgy about who the dead man is, but insists Charlie stabbed him. Ava tells Tripp that Charlie said he was undead and thinks Ava never loved him because he could never be Tripp. Ava was ran away after Charlie threatened to stab her.

Charlie locks himself in the apartment with Allie and tells her she’s not getting away so easily this time around. Allie thinks Charlie is wearing a mask. He tells her to try to pull the mask off, but she can’t. He tells Allie he identifies as undead and he has a mission. He wants his son. 

Deimos tells Nicole how great she looks in a red dress, like the night she killed him. Nicole wonders if Dr. Rolf is behind this, but Deimos says it's much worse, but won't give details. Deimos says he opened up his soul to her and she killed him in cold blood. He adds he has a grudge. Cue flashback to Deimos' death. Nicole balks that Deimos was far from innocent because he used her daughter. She tells Deimos she put him down like a rabid dog! Deimos says he knows she never paid for her crimes, but she will now.

Eli and team CSI meet Rafe at his house. Rafe explains that man who was killed was Carmine. He tells Eli he found him in his kitchen and doesn't know who killed him. Cue flashback to Gabi warning Rafe about Ava's connection to Carmine. Eli realizes that Rafe knows something. 

Ava tells Tripp she wasn't drugged so she wasn't imagining things, like the last time she imagined Charlie killing Tripp. Ever the doctor, Tripp advises Ava that hallucinations can last for months. Ava says this time was real and she could touch him. Suddenly, Ava realizes they need to get to Allie and Henry.

Allie tells Charlie he's not Henry's father, but Charlie counters she can't accuse him of rape and not be his father. When Allie says he doesn't even know Henry, Charlie reminds her it's all because of her and no things will be different. He runs out to get Henry, leaving Allie terrified. Charlie comes back angry that Henry wasn't where he thought he was. He demands to know where Henry is.

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Kate startles Julie, but she informs Kate the restaurant is closed. Kate apologizes for Doug's situation, then tells her Nick is back from the dead. Julie doesn't believe her even when Kate tells her about the trick-or-treaters that saw him. Julie wonders if Kate is mocking her.

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Nick's amused by how he made his reappearance at the church where a gay and a murderess were baptizing their baby. Oh the hypocrisy! Gabi claims she should have hit him more times with the rock because the world is better off without him. Nick reminds her of how his murder was premeditated. Cue appropriate flashbacks. Gabi tells Nick she paid her debt to society, but Nick says she owes a to him. Nick reminds Gabi that the third time's the charm and he will make her pay.

Tripp tells Ava Henry is in the pub with Lucas and Roman. He refuses to worry Allie when Charlie is dead. Ava refuses to go to the hospital, but Tripp offers go back to Rafe's to prove there's no body. 

Rafe tells Eli that Ava may be involved, but more information will be available after the coroner's report is available. He explains the history of Jake, Carmine, and Ava. Eli advises him he has to back off the case. Rafe wonders how much of what Gabi told him is the truth. Rafe gets a call that Jake escaped. Rafe thinks Gabi is behind it.

Nick tells Gabi he won't kill her because he wants to make her suffer. He has another target in mind . . . Jake. He mocks Gabi about how Jake is the bottom of the barrel. She begs for his life, but Nick says the deed may already be done. He tells Gabi he intercepted Jake during his escort to prison and perhaps buried him in the already open grave he once occupied. Gabi runs off to the cemetery.

Nicole grabs a pair of scissors to stab Deimos and he encourages her to go for it. Nicole stabs him. He calls her a little bitch and collapses. Nicole feels for a pulse and listens for a heartbeat. She decides she needs to call Rafe.

Allie refuses to divulge Henry's whereabouts. Charlie gets the clue that Tripp has stepped in as Henry's daddy. Allie defends her decisions because everyone knows Charlie raped her. Allie taunts Charlie with how much Ava loved Tripp and not him. Charlie gets angry and grabs her by the arms. He tells Allie he has to kill her.

Eli intercepts Ava and Tripp as they get to Rafe's apartment. He tells Ava to go with him to answer questions about Carmine's death. Ava tries really hard to explain it was Charlie and wants to talk to Rafe. Ava urges Tripp to get to Allie as quickly as possible. 

Gabi gets to the cemetery and frantically tries to dig for Jake.

Nicole gets Rafe to Basic Black and explains what happened between her and Deimos. When Rafe opens the door, the only thing on the floor is a pair of scissors. 

In the interrogation room, Ava implores Eli to send help to Allie. Just then, Tripp approaches Allie's apartment. He busts through the door and finds Charlie ready to kill Allie. 

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