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Perkie's Observations: Carly and Sonny Face a New Threat to Their Stronghold on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 3, 2021
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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Sonny heads to Flatland Prison to speak with Cyrus. Cyrus says Carly and Jason made a mistake killing Buscema and Novak, and now Joey's back in town looking for revenge. Cyrus asks about Laura, but Sonny refuses to tell him anything.

Joey meets with a Novak minion and declares himself now head of the family, determined to avenge Uncle Vincent's death.

Portia lets Anna know that Valentin's surgery went well and he'll recover nicely. Valentin is happy to see Anna, who tells him that Victor wants to make a deal. Anna asks how he feels about Victor possibly being his father. Valentin says he wouldn't put it past Helena, but wants more than Victor's word. Anna says Victor hasn't given them anything and Valentin tells her to bring Victor to him to talk. Anna doesn't want to, saying Victor will only manipulate Valentin.

Chase complains to Liz about having a checkup and still not able to return to active duty. Liz reassures him it will happen in due time.

Olivia and Carly head to The Savoy for a night out. Carly tells Olivia that Sonny went to see Cyrus, which she's not happy with. The two discuss evil Nina and how Carly wants to rip her face off every chance she gets. Carly says Sonny wants her to let it go, which is what she's trying to do. Olivia is surprised that Sonny is being so peaceful. Olivia tells Carly that she and Ned may getting a divorce.

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Gladys joins them, which causes Olivia to take off. Gladys complains to Carly that Sonny has been avoiding her calls. Joey joins them, and he and Carly get into it.
Joey tries to put his hands on Carly, but Curtis grabs him and kicks him out. Carly apologizes to Curtis for the trouble in his bar. Joey declares to his minion that he's taking over the town, including the bar that he was just kicked out of. Marshall listens in.

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Brook Lynn questions whether Maxie has found a way to stop Gladys' blackmail. Anna calls Brook Lynn to update her on Valentin's condition. Maxie worries about Peter's whereabouts. Maxie says they need leverage against Gladys.

Chase joins them and brings up the investigation into Louise's kidnapping. Brook Lynn jumps in and gets Chase to back off, while Maxie leaves to "compose" herself. Chase tells Brook Lynn the details about the night of Louise's kidnapping don't add up. Brook Lynn says his questions will only traumatize Maxie further. Chase says he won't stop until Louise is found. Maxie returns and agrees to go over the events of that night with Chase, but not now.

Liz wonders why Portia is distracted and she tells Liz that she's worried about Curtis. Portia tells her about the meeting with the creepy guy who was asking about Curtis. Liz offers to draw the man so Portia can check with TJ to see if it was the same man who was in the hospital.

Portia heads to The Savoy. She tells Curtis she knows the mystery man is the same one that TJ treated, and has the picture that Liz drew. N'neka sees the photo and recognizes him as the man who was in the bar before.

Austin joins Gladys as she continues to drink, while she uses Brook Lynn's credit card. (Methinks Austin is about to find out a little secret.)

Carly calls Sonny to let him know that Joey is back in town and causing problems. Sonny promises to take care of everything.

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